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5 Common Misconceptions That You Should Never Believe About Egg Donation

When talking about different stages of human life, you cannot fail to mention pregnancy. The fetus grows and develops in the woman’s uterus during this period. However, it is not always obvious to achieve pregnancy because certain health conditions can impair the fertility of either partner. For instance, women experiencing ovarian failure may experience difficulties expanding their families since they cannot conceive effectively. Thanks to the egg donation Murray Hill, you and your partner can now get pregnant and bear a healthy child, irrespective of your struggles while trying to extend your family. The widespread egg donation has led to the outbreak of some of the following myths.

It Can Exhaust Women’s Egg

Some women fear donating their eggs to infertile women, claiming that the exercise will deplete their eggs, which is not the case. Women usually have more than a million eggs in their ovaries, and they only lose hundreds during the menstruation period within their lifetime. In addition, you only give out ten to fifteen eggs in a single donation cycle. Therefore, donating your eggs will barely exhaust the eggs in your ovaries.

Any Woman Can Donate the Eggs

No matter how willing you are to give out some of your eggs, you must be eligible for the exercise. Your ovaries should be healthy to enhance the donated eggs’ success during fertilization. In addition, you should have the right age, between 21 and 30 years, to ensure the viability of the eggs you are about to donate since menopause can impair their viability.

The Exercise Is Painful

The mention of egg retrieval from the woman’s reproductive system can make you think it is a complex procedure involving much pain, but you are mistaken. During the donation procedure, anesthesia will be applied to relieve any discomfort that could arise from the procedure. You could experience bloating because of the hormone shots you received some weeks before the donation process.

Egg Donation Has No Limits

Some people claim that once you start donating the eggs, you can continue as many times as possible. However, the reality is that women should only give their eggs six times, as outlined in the reproductive medicine society. Your doctor will guide you on how long you should take between two consecutive donations.

Egg Donation Can Trigger Cancerous Growth

Many women still have concerns that this exercise will cause cancer in their reproductive systems, such as ovarian cancer. However, the truth is that there is no empirical evidence to back this claim. Therefore, if you are viable to donate the eggs, you should do so without fear of cancerous growth in your reproductive system.

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