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5 Golden Tips to Take Care of Your Feet if You Are Diabetic

Individuals with diabetes are at a greater risk of developing foot problems sometimes in their life. Diabetes usually causes damage to the nervous system along your feet, a condition called diabetic neuropathy. With a damaged nerve, you experience sharp pain and tingling, limiting your mobility. Besides, diabetes can reduce the blood flow in your feet which retards the healing processes if you experience a cut or soreness. Therefore if you are living with diabetes, it is good to observe diabetic foot care Phoenix to maintain your feet’ wellness. The following are tips to look after your feet if you have diabetes.

Manage Your Blood Sugar Levels

One of the important things that you should do for the health of your feet is to ensure that the blood glucose in your body is within the normal range. Maintaining the blood sugar within the target range will help you avoid the chances of losing sensation in your feet. Talk with your healthcare providers about the best ways to achieve a healthy blood sugar range.

Avoid Walking Barefoot

Walking barefoot, especially on fine grounds, may be tempting, but this is not a good idea. Walking without footwear increases the chances of blisters and cuts. Bearing in mind that you have diabetes, the minor cut may last for a significant period before recovery. When choosing footwear, always select comfortable ones to avoid extreme rubbing.

Use a Moisturizer for Your Feet

Dry skin is prone to cracking, which is the entry to infections. Therefore, applying creams or lotions is a good idea to avoid skin dryness on your feet. Always talk with your doctor to know the moisturizing agent that is fit for your feet to avoid side effects.

Daily Feet Inspections

Many people forget to look at their feet, which intensifies their feet problems, especially those with diabetes. Essentially, diabetic neuropathy usually reduces sensation, implying that you may not notice pain after hurting your foot. Therefore, you should always check your feet for cracks or sores. After detecting any wounds in your feet, you should visit your healthcare provider before these wounds worsen.

Clean Your Feet

How often do you wash your feet? You do not have to wait until you notice dirt or a weird smell from your feet to wash your feet. Use soap and clean water to wash your feet thoroughly to reduce the chances of fungal diseases on your feet that may cause wounds. After washing your feet, you should dry them with a clean towel.

Living with diabetes requires embracing certain guidelines to take care of your feet. The above tips will help reduce the chances of developing foot problems if you have diabetes. However, if you observe blisters and calluses on your feet that are not disappearing alone, you should seek medical intervention. At Phoenix Foot and Ankle Institute, Dr. McAlister offers an effective treatment for different conditions on your foot arising from diabetes. To inquire about diabetic foot care and treatment, call their office in Scottsdale or Phoenix, AZ.