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5 Main Types Of Facial Masks To Benefit Various Types Of Skin

Face masks are an important component in the process of facial besides steaming, massage and exfoliation. Your aesthetician may check your skin first and then decide which face mask will be the best for you.

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Yes, face mask should be chosen according to the skin type. There are a lot of types of face masks and each one of them does something good to a particular type of skin.

Hence face mask is a very important component of facial and should be chosen carefully so as to get its full benefits for your skin. An aesthetician in a professional beauty salon Brisbane, e.g. will do that for you.

Face masks are also important if you have a peculiar lifestyle in which you don’t get much of sleep and you consume quite a lot of alcohol and sugary foods.

Since most of your skin’s (& overall body’s) repair work happens during sleep, getting no sleep results in no new cell formation and release of stress hormones that can bring about inflammation including breakouts.

High sugar levels in blood and alcohol together can ruin protein fibres on which elastin and collagen depend to keep your skin firm, smooth and wrinkle-free.

Here are a few important types of face masks and their benefits. Once you know these, you can choose to have them for you and get benefitted.

1. Cream Masks

Cream masks are perfect for normal or dry skin.

Cream masks are rich in moisturisers and oils that enter deep inside and replenish dry cells. Masks that consist of hyaluronic acid also attract and bind moisture to fluff up flat skin cells whereas algae extracts tighten and firm them.

2. Clay Masks

Clay masks are perfect for normal to oily skin.

Clay masks are moisturising and restorative and detoxify skin naturally. Since they hydrate without oil, they are a great solution for normal to oily skin.

Since clay masks are occlusive (close off the skin to the air), they stimulate the brain to send down natural skin fatteners. And they are also detoxing, firming and tightening.

If you have skin inflammation, use a clay mask that also is able to clarify enzymes and/or sulfur to rectify breakouts and calm redness.

3. Gel Masks

Gel masks are perfect for dry and sensitive types of skin.

Gel masks have a cooling, soothing formula which is perfect for dry, sensitive types of skin that require hydration before detoxifying and firming.

Gel masks are full of antioxidants and collagen that help in recovery of skin. Added to this, they also offer skin’s complete rehydration.

4. Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are great for most skin types.

Though sheet masks are fine for all skin types depending upon the formulas they consist of, they are especially excellent for resistant types of skin when coupled with serums.

“You can apply hyaluronic serums under sheet masks with the help of Brisbane best facial like The Facial Hub so that the mask’s occlusive nature will push the serums deep inside the skin.

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5. Exfoliating Masks

Exfoliating masks are good for most skin types. But if you have a sensitive skin, consider an enzyme mask instead.

Exfoliating masks scrub dull, dead skin cells and pull out deep-seated debris in your skin pores with the help of hydroxy acids (such as lactic and glycolic acids) and fruit enzymes (often from pineapple and papaya).

Besides providing gentle exfoliation, exfoliating masks also have skin-brightening qualities naturally, which will offer you a healthy glow that you can experience almost instantly.

Although some of the exfoliating masks have ingredients that soothe skin, don’t use this mask more than once a week, since it is infamous for being dehydrating.

Knowing the various face masks and their qualities, you can now choose the right one for your skin. Normally your beautician will choose it for you, but now you too have knowledge and can understand what the face mask will do for you. Isn’t that great?