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6 Tips to Prepare for the Oral Surgery

Many individuals worldwide have encountered the issue in their teeth at some point. No matter how small the tooth problem could be, it may take a toll on the quality of your life. For example, if you have misaligned teeth, you will experience unevenness while chewing, limiting you from enjoying your favorite meal. In that case, you need the Invisalign to straighten your teeth. However, you should reach out to Dr. Dorian Cucereanu for oral surgery if you have extreme dental complications like gum disease. While it may sound terrifying to undergo this surgical procedure, the following tips can help you prepare sufficiently.

Research About the Surgery

You do not have to wake up one day for oral surgery without knowing what the procedure entails. Seeking information from the oral surgeon is crucial as it helps you know what to expect about the procedure. Assemble all the questions you could have and present them to the specialist before the appointment day.

Arrange for the Ride

During the surgery, the specialists will apply anesthesia to the mouth area being operated on to reduce the chances of discomfort. The sedation effects may not disappear immediately after the procedure and may cause tiredness, hindering your capacity to drive. Therefore, before the procedure, you should request your friends or relatives to accompany you for your safety on your trip back home.

Wear the Right Outfit

While preparing for the procedure, you should watch out for your dress code. Dress in short-sleeved shirts for the surgeon to closely monitor the blood vessels if you need the IV drip. In addition to the attire, you should not wear the contact lens, especially when the specialists inform you that you will spend a long time closing your eyes after sedation.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking has adverse effects during and after undergoing oral surgery. For example, cigarette compounds can trigger blood pressure that may cause excessive bleeding during the surgical procedure. In addition, smoking can retard the healing process of your gum. Therefore, it would be best if you stopped smoking some days before your appointment.

Skip Your Meals

Eating a few hours before the oral surgery can increase the chances of pulmonary aspiration, especially when the specialist uses local anesthesia. This serious condition occurs when the stomach contents move to the lungs. Therefore, you should fast for at least eight hours before the oral surgery. If you are under any medication, you can drink a little water during this period.

Stock Your House

After your surgery, you will want to remain indoors for a smooth recovery. Therefore before your appointment day, you should purchase healthy meals and put them in your accessible fridge. It would help if you also looked for the prescribed medication during this period to avoid struggling during your recovery.

Do you have extreme dental complications? Many individuals worldwide have had extensive dental problems such as gum disease. If you are one of them, you should consider undergoing oral surgery. With his vast expertise in oral health services, Dr. Dorian Cucereanu, DDS, conducts oral surgery to alleviate oral complications in their patients. Book an online appointment and visit their facility in Midtown, NY, to maintain your oral health.