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8 Herbs for Increased Life Expectancy and Longevity

As we grow old, we realize the importance of our health. If our body and mind are healthy, everything seems to be fine from work to personal life; but when this balance is disrupted, everything gets affected.

If you think about it, we all crave and search for new ways how can we be on a good health. Some go for morning walk, and others follow healthy diet, all this is a version of how we choose to keep going and increase our life expectancy. Needless to say, taking measures for your long-term health promotes longevity, keeps you healthier, and helps you cope up with old age in a better way.

One such method for longevity is combining some herbs like Ginseng, Dandelion with daily eating choices. Let’s see eight herbs that will help you stay healthy in the long run.


Many already know about the benefits of Ginseng as a fatigue remedy, but only a few know that it reverses the actions of amyloid. If we put it in simple words, amyloids are substances that become the reason for many neurological disorders including Alzheimer’s disease. Korean Red ginseng contains bioactive elements like ginsenosides saponins that decrease inflammation in the brain and reduce the effectsof Alzheimer’s disease.

Another interesting fact is that Korean Red ginseng has been traditionally used in Chinese medicine as a mental & physical energy provider and stress reliever.  It has antioxidants that ease stress, combat free radicals, boost collagen level in the bloodstream, control blood glucose level, and reduce LDL cholesterol level. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginseng relieves you from rheumatoid arthritis, depression, and cardiac ischemia by regularizing the blood circulation throughout the body.

All these properties combined with numerous health benefits make ginseng a great herb for increasing lifespan. The multi-beneficiary effect of ginseng makes it good for skin, hair, and internal organic function.


Many people, due to some medical condition, suffer from increased bleeding, this happens when blood doesn’t coagulate properly. Cayenne helps in stopping excessive bleeding of a wound by reducing blood flow. Clearly, this herb is not for people, who have a condition that increases clotting.

Cayenne also reduces pain and cluster headaches, decreases cholesterol, and regulates blood pressure.


We all know about cinnamon, this herb is found in every household. Other than enhancing the taste of certain foods, cinnamon defend our body from two harmful life conditions. First, it assists in controlling high blood sugar that causes type 2 diabetes. And second, it regulates high cholesterol, we all are aware of the dreadful side effects of high cholesterol, such as heart issues.

Every time you consume tasty cinnamon filled hot chocolate, you help your body fight against digestive issues, infections, and tooth decay.  This herb not only contains effective health benefits but also makes your food delicious. What more can you expect from a herb? It is, in fact, effortless to increase the intake of cinnamon in your daily routine.


One thing that affects people of all ages is high blood pressure, and our misery lies in not being able to cure it. One minute you give in to tension, your body invites blood pressure fluctuations. Hawthorn releases high blood pressure by soothing arteries and calming your heart rate.

Research also shows that Hawthorn is beneficial in avoiding heart diseases and it is often used as a preventive measure for heart failure.

Though this herb is amazing, it will not show any significant change until taken regularly for at least 2-3 months.


Guggul as many Ayurveda enthusiast known as ‘Guggulu’ is extracted from Commiphora mukul tree. This herb is famous in Ayurveda for its cleansing properties as it assists in purification of blood and detoxification of the body.

Guggul promotes healthy cholesterol levels, reduces digestive issues, and boosts immune system functioning. The herb additionally clears skin and helps regulate menstrual cycle in women.


We have always heard that there is no way to lower blood pressure but increasing blood pressure is easy. So people with hypotension are always on the better side than the ones with hypertension. The real problem arises for people who are on the verge of hypertension but don’t yet need medication. They can naturally lower blood pressure with dandelion.

The herb also reduces arthritis swelling, controls diabetes and urine disorders, and releases digestive issues like constipation. Dandelion also proves to be good news for teenagers, as this herb treats and cures acne.


Laminaria does not directly cure or reduce any health issue or disease, but it prevents infections. Infections are harmful to any age, especially life threatening for old people, and laminaria increases body’s capability to fight infections.

Laminaria is helpful in fighting infections, but there is no clear evidence of its benefits and side effects. Therefore, we recommend consulting your doctor before intake or consumption of this herb.


Many people have low immunity and catch infections fast, these people often struggle with worst effects of a normal infection. Elderberry is a rescue system for such people because it has infection-relieving capabilities.

Elderberry improves flu, viral infection, works as a remedy for allergic reactions, and clears nasal passages to reduces sinus infection.

To live a happy, vibrant, and long life, include nature’s supplements such as ginseng extract in your daily diet. Initially, they might bother you and require some extra efforts, but benefits are worth the hard work. So cut your supply of artificial products and replace it with natural herbs.