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Can insurance pay for your orbera balloon surgery

Can insurance pay for your orbera balloon surgery?

Can insurance pay for your orbera balloon surgery

Orbera balloon surgery

It is a procedure in which a surgeon uses a soft, thin balloon filled with saline and guides it down to the patient’s throat and into the stomach. During the orbera balloon surgery Lubbock, the patient is sedated, and the whole procedure takes around 20 to 30 minutes to complete. The patient generally returns home the same day. Following 6 months, the balloon is emptied and taken out.

Orbera covered by insurance

Most insurance policies in the US, counting those from Medicare and most major insurance agencies, specifically omit the orbera balloon surgery from coverage as it is most frequently utilized for aesthetic weight reduction instead of specifically curing obesity-associated disorders.

Due to this, the orbera balloon surgery Lubbock is usually not covered by insurance, and the patient itself pays the entire bill.

A majority of gastric balloon surgeons provide low-cost funding options to make surgeries more reasonable. One more option obtainable to future patients for helping in lessening the gastric balloon surgery cost up to 31 percent is to apply FSA/HAS funds to the surgery cost. To know more, read the simple guide on gastric balloon for weight loss in 2020.

What to eat after an orbera balloon surgery?

These are the diet stages that a patient after an orbera balloon surgery needs to follow:

1.First 3 to 7 days

The patients are advised to drink liquids for a few days, such as herbal tea, decaf coffee, water, fruit juice, and non-fat milk. The patients must avoid alcohol, caffeine, and carbonated beverages.

2.After a week

The patients can begin eating mixed soup, yogurt, etc., after a week. They must eat only about half a cup of food 4 to 5 times a day. While they might not feel hungry, they have to eat regularly. They should stop if they feel pain.

3. After a month

The patient’s hunger will keep increasing. Following one or two months, the patient will tolerate more foods. They need to follow a nutrient-rich diet.

4.After 3 months

The weight of the patient will even out; they will just need to maintain their weight after the balloon is taken out. They can eat a wider variety of foods as compared to those who have undergone bariatric surgery but in smaller portions.

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