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Co-parenting and Alcohol Monitoring: Soberlink’s Safeguarding Your Children

If your client has a history of alcohol misuse, this might affect their prospects of getting custody of their children during divorce proceedings. Learn more about the impact of alcohol misuse in child custody cases and how to preserve your legal rights.

What Factors Affect Child Custody in a Divorce?

Judges are bound by law to do all in their power to keep children as healthy and safe as possible. Child custody plans are based on a variety of criteria, and one of those issues is a parent’s past substance misuse. As a matter of law, the court has the authority and duty to rule in favor of the child’s best interests. Parenting time might be granted to a client who has been sober long enough for the court to accept their sobriety certificate.

Soberlink Monitoring for Alcohol

Soberlink is a solution for parents who are concerned about their children’s alcohol usage and their legal counsel. Real-time data, facial recognition, and Advanced Reporting are all features of Soberlink, which can be used as evidence in court. As a result of Soberlink’s emphasis on responsibility, alcoholic parents may find it easier to persuade a judge that they are taking their drinking problem seriously and building a solid foundation of accountability for themselves.

In Family Law, Soberlink Alcohol Monitoring

Parents who are battling with alcoholism are now able to use remote tools to help them and thanks to technological improvements. Soberlink reviews gives parents a tangible means to demonstrate their unwavering dedication to their recovery and the well-being of their children. Maintaining strong emotional links with one’s kid is always considered in the best interests of the child by courts while using an alcohol monitoring system. Lawyers who don’t use alcohol monitoring in their business run the danger of establishing a climate where litigation never ends and the link between parent and kid is constantly disrupted.

In the Wake of These Dramatic Changes, Soberlink

It may be more important than ever for parents to abide by the terms of their child custody agreements, and the remote testing capabilities offered by Soberlink’s products can help. Parents who monitor their children’s drinking with Soberlink don’t have to travel anywhere else to get tested or get their lab results. This ensures that the testing may go without interruption while also protecting the customers and their families from an unnecessary level of danger. Reviews about Soberlink will continue to offer remote capability and flexible test scheduling options in the event that the coronavirus is eradicated in the future. This will ensure that sobriety testing is carried out in a timely manner and in a manner that is convenient for customers.

According to the findings of the many case study, evidence obtained from alcohol testing devices manufactured by Soberlink can be presented in court as admissible proof. In light of the fact that many allegations of alcohol misuse degenerate into disputes over who said what, this is encouraging news. This is due to the fact that testimony alone is frequently insufficient in matters involving child custody, and it can be challenging to acquire further evidence. Users now have the opportunity to refer to credible data in support of their claims as a result of the data gathered by Soberlink breathalyzer devices becoming admissible as evidence.