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Crowdfunding for Journalists

Majority of the journalism industry still relies on funds from advertisers to run regular operations. It is no secret that several media houses are bought by individuals and organizations that want to portrayed in a certain way. As a result, the journalism industry has been labeled as untrustworthy and unreliable. However, there are many people in the industry who want to follow the path of honest journalism, but often get trapped and forced to report wrongly, or alter facts, but those who pull the strings. Journalists often find it difficult to branch out by themselves, as surviving in such an industry can be hard without financial support. For such journalists, crowdfunding platforms in India are the perfect way to gain monetary support to further their independent career. Through effective fundraising, you can raise funds to support your career at various stages – right from and education in journalism, launching your own successful publication.

Journalism education

If you are someone who aspires to be a journalist and would like to have a professional education or a college degree in it, but you can afford the cost of education – an online fundraiser is the perfect solution. You can collect funds for a college degree, a diploma, online courses, or even a simple workshop to enhance your knowledge in journalism.

Journalism equipment for independent reporters

Like any other independent career, journalists too have to make a fair number of investments to kickstart their career single-handedly – they cannot rely on the resources of a media house. SO if independent journalism is your path, we urge you to invest in your resources through Impact Guru’s crowdfunding website. Raise money for a laptop, a camera, a mic, and any other expenses.

Start a publication

For entrepreneurs who are passionate about journalism and storytelling, starting your own publication is the best way to fulfil these aspirations. If financial constraints are holding you back, we encourage you to adopt new and innovative fundraising ideas like crowdfunding, to get financial help to launch your own publication.

Build a team of reporters and editors

The early stages of any business are the hardest to get by. Similar is the case with independent publications who many initially need some help to raise funds to set up a team of reporters, writers, editors, photographers, and afford fair salaries for the team, until the publication takes off and becomes financially independent.

Costs associated with independent projects

If you’re a journalist who’s passionate about a certain cause of story that requires you to travel/ take up an independent project don’t let financial limitation hold you back. Crowdfunding has encouraged many people to branch out in their careers and follow their dreams – you too can do the same.

The crowdfunding India world has encouraged so many people to start independent careers. If you too hope to have an independent career in journalism, start a fundraiser with Impact Guru’s crowdfunding India platform today.