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How to make a logo for free

Do you have an idea for a business? Are you starting a company? Are you planning marketing activities? First of all, you need to ensure that your brand is as recognizable as possible and easily identifiable among your competitors. To do this you need to brand your products, services, advertising, company materials, etc. A tool for this is an effectively planned and created brand identity. One of the most important elements of all visual communication is an effectively designed company logo.

However, its creation is a time-consuming and rather complicated process. Fortunately, today you can find special tools on the market that make this task much easier. Logo generator Turbologo is the perfect tool for free logo creation. With its help, you can create a perfect brand that grabs the attention of millions of customers. So, in this article, we will explain the free ways to create a logo and the rules for choosing the right design.

Ways to make a logo for free

Most of the logos we see every day are usually very simple. However, the process of creating them is not that simple, even very complicated and responsible. It requires excellent technical and artistic skills, strategic thinking and patience. Designing a company logo is also based on knowledge of the industry, marketing, psychology and legal principles. There is no single general recipe for a good logo, but there are various ways to facilitate the process. They will help you create and choose an effective graphic design logo.

Logo Builder

An intuitive logo builder can help you create graphics that will co-create your company’s image. At the outset, you should determine what emotions it should evoke. You also need to define your image goals. Turbologo is a software that every business owner should know. For social networks, banners and other elements, it comes in handy everywhere. You can choose from a variety of fonts, graphics and accessories. You can even just add your company name to the template, and voila!

Combination method

One effective way to create a logo without installing any additional software completely free and completely legal is to use several tools at once. This method is a combination of using free image banks and Photoshop. In the free image bank, you can find a variety of vector images to suit all tastes. You can then import such graphics into any version of Photoshop and create a really good quality logo there.

How to choose a design

The basic element of any brand should meet the following characteristics:

Simplicity of the logo. Experienced graphic designers focus on minimalism. For it is timeless and beyond boundaries. Remember, the more elements you add, the more the main message disappears.

Memory and Logo. An effective logo should be easy to remember and embed in the customer’s mind. It’s not just about aesthetics, but also about meaning, message and associations.

Strength of the logo. A good company logo will sell in 10 or 30 years (after minor updates or refreshes, of course). Graphic design should be timeless, so the simpler and more elaborate, the better and more versatile.

Functionality of the logo. The company logo should adapt easily to different applications, platforms and materials. Suitable for use on different mediums, on different media and in different situations in the process of brand communication with the environment.

Relevance of the logo. An adequate and adapted design should convey the style, characteristics, values, etc. of the brand. For example, a children’s accessories store logo should contain “fun” different colors, soft fonts and warm hues.

To satisfy and take care of the above elements, the process of developing a graphic logo should be preceded by an in-depth analysis of the market and the study of the initial situation. The developer should not only be a talented and ambitious artist, know the techniques and tools of design, but also be able to synthesize a huge amount of information in one minimalistic graphic sign.


A logo is not just a graphic symbol that officially identifies your brand. It is a symbol that must conform to certain rules in order, among other things, to achieve commercial and marketing goals. If you create a logo in an inappropriate, unreliable and unplanned way, it is likely to become a pretty (or ugly) picture, but useless. After a while you will have to change it (design from scratch). So don’t save (neither time nor budget) on the graphic design of your company logo.