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Reasons You May Need Teeth Extraction

Have you had throbbing tooth pain, which affected your mood for the whole day? Teeth pain may result from decay, chipping, and tooth cracks. Although you may treat minor issues like cavities, sometimes you might need tooth Monroe extractions. Your dentist will not recommend extraction as the first solution for your teeth issues, but you will sometimes need the extraction. For instance, you will extract teeth if your teeth break during a traumatic accident. Thus you should not disagree with extracting your teeth if your dentist thinks it will improve your health, as teeth extractions lead to these health benefits.

Tooth Extraction Alleviates Impaction

Impacted molars lead to chronic pain as the molar teeth push against the rest of the teeth on the arch. Sometimes the molar might partially emerge from the gum. Other times it could be lying horizontally on the arch, thus leading to swelling and inflammation at the back of the mouth. The molars might grow in the teenage or during early adulthood. Thus, if your teeth were straight, they would become crooked due to the pressure from the impacted molars. Impacted teeth can accumulate bacteria leading to cavities. Thus you may need to extract the molars to reduce the swelling, pain, teeth crookedness, and gum bleeding.

Tooth Decay

You can treat tooth decay in the early stages using dental filling and crowns, but extreme decay might result in tooth extraction. Therefore, you should inspect your teeth frequently to ensure they don’t have black or brown coating, which in most cases indicates decay. Extreme decay eats up the enamel exposing the roots and nerves, leading to infections that cause extreme pain. Although you may opt for root canal treatment, extreme decay might lead to tooth extraction.


Gum disease might not seem like a major issue as it leads to redness of the gums, slight swelling, and occasional bleeding. However, if you don’t treat gum disease, it progresses to periodontitis which causes pockets between the gums and the teeth. Periodontitis might result in bacterial growth and tooth weakness. The infection may impact the root canal leading to extreme pain. Thus you should opt for teeth extraction to deal with periodontitis and replace the lost teeth with implants to avoid bone loss in the jaws.


Tooth impaction causes crowding and crookedness of the otherwise straight teeth leading to several oral problems. Thus, you can alleviate the overcrowding by removing the molars at the back of the mouth to reduce overcrowding. After removing the molars, you can opt for braces to straighten the crowded teeth.


Although you should see a dentist soon after an accident, sometimes the accident might cause bleeding and tooth weakness. Thus you might need dental extract if the accident wreaks havoc on your healthy teeth.

Sometimes you refuse to undergo dental extraction, but it is better to heed a dentist’s advice. Tooth extraction ensures the teeth on the arch remain healthy by preventing bacterial growth, overcrowding, and the spread of periodontitis. Thus, you would remove teeth that are extremely decayed, overcrowded, or injured if you develop periodontitis. Fortunately, you can opt for dentures and dental impacts after removing the teeth and maintaining proper oral hygiene to keep the other teeth healthy.