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This HGH Cycle ROCKS For Bodybuilding Results

When pituitary gland is in its proper condition then there will be adequate level of human growth hormone in the body. This gland will be very active in adolescent years and in childhood. In some cases this gland may not produce human growth hormone in required levels. So, at this point the person needs human growth hormone therapy.

In this condition the person suffering from growth hormone deficiency must understand the HGH cycle.

HGH cycle and therapy:

The person, who has been recommended for Somatropin cycle or growth hormone cycle, must understand one thing that growth hormone injections are available only through prescription. This is made so because the therapy needs monitoring of the doctor. These hormone therapies demand routine monitoring of the body and frequent blood tests. This is to make sure that hormone levels are in healthy range and normal levels.

If the level of the growth hormone goes high then that will result in many side effects. A cycle is nothing but a pattern followed for taking the growth hormone injections. For example injections may be recommended 5 days in a week for children and adolescent. After this they may recommend a 2 days off before staring the injections again. This is an example of the pattern or it can also be called as a cycle.

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HGH Cycle Length:

The length of the HGH cycle, taking approximately 250 mcg daily always depends on the reason behind the treatment. It is also decided based on the age of the patient. Some cycle may go up to 50 days. After this injections are stopped and they will follow a off for 20 to 40 days. After this they will start the injections again.

The average cycle length may be 5 months to 8 months. But again these are based on the needs of the patient. It also depends on the goals of the individual and their response to the injections. When it comes to assessing the side effects caused, cycles are the best way to follow. It also helps in assessing the benefits resulted and potential adverse effects caused.

It is always recommended to start with lowest possible dose when following HGH cycles. This will help in determining allergies, adverse reactions. After observing for few days or weeks one can increase the dosage as required.

Bodybuilding and HGH cycle:

When it comes to athletic realm and bodybuilding, the cycle has a different meaning altogether. Usually the HGH is combined with few anabolic steroids here. In the bodybuilding, the HGH injection cycle may run for twelve to 20 weeks. But if it is oral supplement, then they may form the cycle with length 4- 6 weeks.

Other medical reasons, HGH is not recommended for any other purpose. This is because in case of improper use, it can lead to adverse effects. Especially when it comes to HGH products, getting them from underground market is too risky because these products are not tested for their quality and they don’t meet manufacturing standards. Deciding the dosage for these products is also a difficult job. That is why before using HGH for athletics and bodybuilding one must take lot of precautions and avoid the abuse and misuse of the products.