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Top Signs You Are a Good Candidate for Dental Crowns

Do you have trouble chewing because of dental pain? Do any of your teeth seem discolored or broken? If that is the case, dental crowns could be what you need. Your smile’s form and function may benefit from these adaptable and reliable restorations. But how can you determine whether you are a good candidate for them? Here are some signs that El Paso crowns are the right choice for you:

You have cracked or chipped teeth

A dentist should check up on a damaged or chipped tooth without delay. If the damage is severe enough, you may require a dental crown, and your dentist will evaluate whether a dental crown is required to repair your damaged tooth. Bonding or veneers may be used to fix a tiny chip. A dental crown, however, may be necessary in cases of more extensive damage.

If you have a fractured tooth, your dentist will analyze the damage and decide if a dental crown is required. Likewise, bonding or veneers may be an option for repairing a cracked tooth. However, a dental crown may be necessary if the crack or damage is extensive.

You have undergone a root canal procedure

When a tooth’s pulp and nerve tissues become infected, root canal treatment must be performed to save the tooth. The treatment involves the removal of diseased tissue and decaying tooth structure. It makes the tooth more fragile and prone to fracture. After root canal treatment, you can protect your tooth from further damage by placing a dental crown over it. The crown may help strengthen the tooth that has received root canal treatment and prevent further damage.

Discolored teeth

One other telltale indicator that you need a crown is if your teeth are discolored. The use of tobacco products, as well as alcohol and sugary drinks, may discolor teeth. The normal aging process might also cause teeth discoloration. A crown placed over a discolored tooth may conceal the discoloration and fortify the tooth’s structure.

Dental decay

After filling a cavity, you may place a dental crown over the tooth. However, there is a threshold of deterioration beyond which you cannot place a crown. Your dentist may advise tooth removal rather than a crown if decay has spread across most teeth. A dental implant and crown may replace a missing tooth after its extraction due to advanced decay.

In case of weak teeth

Even if a tooth is not chipped or broken, it may still be weak. Your nutrition, genetics, surroundings, and health all play a role in why your teeth are weak. A dental crown is a reliable and simple solution for strengthening a weak tooth.

Crowns placed over broken teeth may restore their shape, size, color, and overall appearance to normal. If you have noticed any of the above issues with your teeth—breaks or cracks, discoloration, weakened enamel, or decayed tooth surfaces—it is time to see a dentist about getting dental crowns to restore your smile. Contact Dr. Darj Dental today to sort out your dental health.