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The unique selling points of Lipolight

The unique selling points of Liplight Pro, one of the pioneering and time-tested third generation LED units include the following:

  • The unit is safe and it does not cause harm to the eyes though glasses are recommended for facial treatments because the strong source of light can cause a migraine or headache. The laser products have higher safety issues.
  • This LED unit has a higher rate of absorption compared to the strength and refraction of the beam. The absorption rate of the LED is 70% while laser has 30 percent. This results in a higher possibility of fat reduction and inch loss.
  • It is cheaper than the laser products. This system has 8-16 treatment paddles in comparison to lasers that do not help you to treat many areas.
  • As it is a non-invasive process, so it will not cause you pain and you get instant results. There is no possibility of infections and no damage is caused to the body including those of fat cells.
  • Attractive design.

Number of treatments you need

The standard course of Lipolight pro is about 8-10 sessions, two times a week for four weeks. You may be advised two voluntary top-up sessions for 2 weeks following the standard treatment course. There is also the flexibility for one treatment every week if it meets your schedule in a better way. Many opt for two treatments per week so that fatty acid levels of the blood become steady after every treatment. You can undergo further treatments after a break of 2 weeks. This break is allowed so that the body returns back to its original action mode. It helps the clinics to determine whether the patient is making changes to his lifestyle and diet that are needed for maintaining the results. If post-treatment with the Lipolight pro, one of the pioneering and time-tested third generation LED units, you gain weight after two weeks then it suggests you require further advice and consultation

Body wrap treatment

The body wrap is a great way to improve the texture/hydration of epidermis. It also reduces water retention but does not offer any benefit for reduction of fat that is highlighted by a medical research. It cannot be an alternative to working out. For the best results, patients have to perform cardiovascular exercises. There cannot be any other method to burn calories or for eliminating fat than exercises. The body does not eliminate from the body on its own.