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Ways to Prevent Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear

If you can prevent an ACL tear, you can avoid physical stress, a missed sports season, and the time-consuming treatment processes. An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear can occur when you stop quickly while sprinting, make a fast turn on the hills, or rotate to collect a ball. Oklahoma City ACL tear affects around 150,000 people annually, most of whom are athletes. This is a relatively high rate of sports injury occurrence; however, the good news is that you can prevent these ACL tears by employing some strategies.

Here are tips to prevent ACL tear;

Warm Up and Stretch before exercising

Cold and tight muscles and ligaments are considerably more prone to injuries. Warming up before undertaking strenuous exercise can assist in relaxing muscles, which can help to avoid injuries or minimize the severity of ACL tear.

Stretching is also beneficial for loosening the ligaments and muscles in the body. Stretch the leg muscles, particularly the front and rear thigh muscles. Stretching the rotational muscles of the ankle is also essential since a misplaced ankle twist can force the leg and knee to twist, leading to an ACL tear.

Improve balance

Most ACL injuries in sports are caused by an abrupt change of direction, an unexpected slowdown or halt,  a collision, or an improper landing. Improving balance and strengthening the muscles of your ankles, legs, feet, and knees can help minimize the weird twists and pivots that lead to ACL injuries and enhance resilience and response speed.

Avoid exercising when you are exhausted

When you are fatigued, it’s more difficult to keep proper form. You may avoid an ACL tear by getting adequate sleep and knowing when to stop working out for the day. Pushing yourself until you’re fatigued can result in muscle wear and tear or the incapacity of muscles to create force. Muscle weakness may develop from various causes, including obesity, age, and strenuous activity.

Strengthen your ligaments

One of the most ignored areas of injury prevention is diet and nutrition. A good diet and hydration are critical to keeping ligaments strong and healthy. Eating various colorful vegetables and fruits, lean meats, nuts, and legumes can help ensure your ligaments receive the calcium, protein, and other nutrients required to be healthy and injury-free.

Be mindful of jumping and landing

Landing a jump on stiff legs puts a lot of strain on your joints and ligament. The ACL absorbs greater force, which raises your chance of injuries. You may lessen this tension by bending at the hips and knees as you move. Bending your knees also helps align them with your feet.

Wear proper footwear

Ill-fitting shoes can affect your balance and increase the risk of falls, twists, and other inappropriate actions that stress your knee joint and may cause an ACL tear. Check that your footwear is correctly suited and that you wear the necessary sporting gear. Also, ensure you practice Proper athletic technique to prevent injuries. Consult a coach or physical trainer to confirm your technique is safe and accurate.

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