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What Happens During A Dental Implant Surgery?

Missing a tooth makes smiling embarrassing, and it may seem impossible to get another replacement as an adult. Marvin Taylor DDS has a team of specialized dentists who can address your dental needs and offer several treatments. One treatment may be a dental implant surgery to replace your missing tooth. The implants naturally fuse with your jawbone so they will not fall off. You can choose the removable implant if you want a temporary implant.


Before your surgery begins, your doctor will do a comprehensive exam that includes imaging tests, such as X-rays, to check your teeth and jaws. You may also need a detailed medical history of your health and medications. You may need prescriptions before surgery to prevent infections. Your doctor will formulate an individualized treatment plan depending on your jaw and teeth.

Surgery to Place the Dental Implant

You will need a cut to open up your gums, thus exposing your bone, and then drill a hole into the bone. The hole provides a surface where your doctor will place the implant post, to work as the tooth root. You will have a gap where your surgeon will fix a temporary denture. You may remove the temporary denture during cleaning and when you go to sleep.

Bone Growth

After the placement procedure, bone growth begins. Your jawbone will reunite with the surface of the metal post to create s solid foundation for the new tooth. The process may require several months before completion.

Placing an Abutment

After bone growth, your doctor may perform another surgery to place the piece where your crown will attach. You will need local anesthesia during this procedure. Your surgeon will reopen your gums, then attach the abutment to your dental implant. Afterward, the doctor will close your gum tissues around the abutment. Your doctor will request you let your gums heal for two weeks before attaching your artificial tooth.

Choosing Your Artificial Teeth

After healing your gums, your surgeon will make impressions of your remaining teeth and use them to make a crown that resembles your artificial tooth. Your surgeon will confirm if your jawbone has enough strength to support your artificial tooth. There are removable and fixed artificial teeth that you can seek your doctor’s help to choose. You can remove a fixed dental implant during cleaning and repair. On the other hand, a fixed dental implant stays, and you cannot remove them at any time.

What are the Results after the Surgery?

After surgery, you may develop mild side effects such as swelling, bruising, pain, and bleeding. Your doctor will prescribe antibiotics and pain medications to eliminate the side effects. Most dental surgeries are successful, but you must avoid activities like smoking, which can lead to implant complications.

You can decide to get dental implants at Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center. You will get dentists offering you consultations and guidelines on how the procedure will go. You can enjoy various dental care services at the facility to restore your missing tooth. You can book your appointment on the website.