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What Happens During a Root Canal Treatment?

Most dental issues cause pain. However, pain deep in the tooth may indicate the need for a root canal treatment. San Ramon Root Canals eliminates the damaged pulp and prevents it from spreading to healthy teeth. The treatment provides an effective way of preserving your damaged teeth from extraction. Avoiding root canal albuquerque nm may damage the tooth more, leading to tooth extraction. The treatment requires a short time if you require treatment for one root, but it may take an hour if you need multiple roots.

When Do You Need A Root Canal?

The treatment involves removing the pulp after an inflammation, injury, and infection affect it. Your pulp contains nerves, blood vessels, and tissues to help your teeth grow. Common damages to your pulp may include chipping and cracking of the tooth, untreated cavities, tooth injuries, and multiple dental procedures on one tooth. Your symptoms may include pain, swelling, heat sensation in the gums, tooth sensitivity, and sharp pain when chewing.

What Are The Steps in Treatment?

Before the treatment, your doctor will examine the affected tooth and include an imaging test like an X-ray for diagnosis confirmation. After the diagnosis, you will sit in a chair and cover your neck to keep your clothes from staining. The steps in root canal treatment can include the following.

Administering an Anesthesia

Your orthodontist will use a numbing medication on your gums and then administer local anesthesia afterward to help you relax. You may also need a rubber dam around your teeth to keep the area free from saliva. You will likely experience a burning sensation, but that will disappear shortly.

Pump Removal

After the numbing, your doctor will drill a hole into the tooth to expose the damaged and infected pulp. Your doctor removes the damaged pulp with files, carefully cleans all your tooth canals, and rinses out the debris with water.


You will need sealing after the cleaning process. However, your doctor may recommend waiting before sealing because of an infection. You may then require antibiotics afterward to ease the pain from the procedure. Your dentist will then fill the empty canals with gutta-percha and place a temporary dental filling to prevent bacteria.

Placing a Dental Crown

You cannot chew on the treated tooth until you receive a crown filling. Your dentist will design a custom-made crown in three weeks and then remove the temporary filling to replace it with a permanent crown. You can then go home and use your tooth normally.

What Are The Benefits of Root Canal Treatment?

Treatment aims to prevent the spread of infections to your natural teeth. Secondly, you will receive relief from the symptoms of an infected tooth. Also, treatment reduces jawbone damage and eliminates the need for an extraction.

You can schedule a dental checkup at San Ramon Dental Excellence if you have difficulty with teeth, such as pain, swelling, and sensations. You have better chances of saving your affected tooth if you treat injured pulps early. Your healthcare provider will help you identify the problem and guide you on the necessary treatment procedure. Book your appointment online today.