What You Should Know about Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom is a bleaching process that has become increasingly popular across the globe due to its impressive effects of lightening the discoloration of dentin and enamel. Tooth discolouration usually results from excessive drinking of cola, coffee, red wine, and tea or smoking tobacco. Your teeth can also become discolored due to advancing age. The Zoom Teeth Whitening procedure is a laser treatment that helps lower the discolouration or staining of your tooth enamel. Zoom teeth whitening is a straightforward, non-invasive medical procedure that lasts only 45 minutes to one hour. This procedure involves using a special lamp, known as a Zoom laser or Zoom light, with a 25% concentrated hydrogen-peroxide-based whitening gel. In this article, we will discuss all you need to know about Midtown East zoom teeth whitening.

How Does Zoom Teeth Whitening Work?

The Zoom in-office tooth whitening procedure involves the use of a fairly high concentration of hydrogen peroxide that is gently applied to your teeth. It breaks down when the hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with the intense light emitted from the Zoom light or Zoom laser. The gel dissolves a thin layer over your enamel and releases oxygen into the teeth. The main purpose of oxygen is to eliminate tooth discolouration and leave your teeth free from bacteria.

Using the whitening gel and the special lamp, your dentist will bleach each of your teeth to leave you with a brighter natural smile. Unlike other traditional teeth whitening procedures, Zoom teeth whitening does not affect the physical structures of your tooth. Moreover, Zoom in-office teeth whitening procedures are guaranteed to provide you with the best teeth whitening solutions.

 Before the Procedure

Before undergoing your Zoom teeth whitening procedure, you are first required to consult with your healthcare provider. Your provider will explain the procedure’s pros and cons and help determine if it is the best treatment solution for you. Your dentist may also perform a physical exam to check your teeth and gums and inquire about your expectations after the procedure. Your provider will also inquire about your lifestyle habits and oral hygiene to help determine if you will benefit from the Zoom teeth whitening procedure. Generally, Zoom teeth whitening procedures are recommended if you are planning cosmetic dental procedures, such as composite bonding and veneers. Your dentist will also check for any present dental works like veneers and crowns that do not respond well to conventional whitening agents.

During the Procedure

As mentioned earlier, Zoom teeth whitening procedures usually take between 45 minutes and one hour. During the procedure, your healthcare provider will place a soft covering over your lips and gums so that only the teeth remain visible. After wearing protective eyewear, your hygienist will place a layer of the teeth whitening gel on the top of your teeth and place the Zoom lamp or laser for about fifteen minutes. This procedure is repeated three times, and between each session, your dentist will closely monitor for any progress. The special light is left and activated, and the whitening gel is applied on your teeth for about fifteen minutes in each session to help penetrate the teeth well and eliminate tooth discolouration and stains. After the treatment, you will get all cleaned up and be allowed to resume your everyday activities. However, you should strictly follow the after-care recommendations to maintain the treatment results for a long time.

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