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When Should You Seek Treatment for Knee Pain?

You should see a doctor if your knee pain is accompanied by swelling and tenderness. If you have been in an accident or you have from a direct blow to your knee, seek immediate medical attention. If there is a popping noise from your knee, a specialist like a West Chester orthopedic surgeon can help you deal with your condition and knee pain.

Causes of knee pain

There are two primary causes of knee pain, and they include arthritis and direct impact on your knee. You will most likely suffer knee injuries if you play contact sports like hockey.

Treatment options

 Your treatment of knee pain will depend on your condition and its causes. Minor issues can be treated through conservative treatments like medications, physical therapy, and rest. You might need surgery if you have a knee fracture or suffer from a degenerative disease. Before you see a doctor, try the following:

Compression and rest

If you have knee pain and swelling, you can use a snugly fitting bandage to control the swelling. Rest will help your knee recover and help you resume your daily activities quickly. The compression will help stabilize your knee and offer extra support.


Elevating your injured knee will help reduce swelling. Keeping your knee above your heart level will help give you the best results. You can use pillows to make you comfortable when you elevate your legs.

Surgical options

If conservative treatments do not work, your specialist will recommend surgery. Today’s advanced technology promotes the conduction of major surgeries using minimally invasive techniques. That is why you can undergo arthroscopic knee surgery.

Arthroscopic knee surgery involves the use of tiny incisions. Your surgeon will make small cuts around your knee and insert a high-resolution camera with a light. The surgeon can see the images of your knee joint through a nearby screen.

Using other small incisions, your surgeon will remove damaged tissues and repair the remaining ones. Once your surgeon is through, they will close up your wounds and send you home. If your surgeon wants a clearer view of your knee, they will expand it using saline.

Your surgeon will recommend arthroscopic surgery over open knee surgery to minimize your risk of infection, bleeding, and pain. Furthermore, minimally invasive surgery will promote minimal scarring and quick healing.

How to prevent common knee injuries

You can prevent your knees from injuries by adhering to the following tips:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Stretch before and after your workouts
  • Exercise every day
  • Avoid sudden sharp movements
  • Avoid changing the intensity of your workouts suddenly

If you love sports, it’s important to protect your knees by using a guard over your knees. Ensure to strengthen the muscles surrounding your knees to avoid injuries as you engage in different movements.

If you have knee pain, visit Beacon Orthopedics & Sports Medicine for treatment. You will undergo extensive knee joint evaluation, and the staff will offer you the most suitable treatment. Call or book an appointment online and get to enjoy your favorite sports again.