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6 Things To Do in Mandalika

While Lombok is not as globally called Bali, passengers are heading into the beachfront escape. Since the start of 2019, a specific region of Lombok known as Mandalika has begun to acquire a great deal of buzz — out of the as-yet untouched shores to stone structures into local cuisine.

Getaway in the Bali audiences and maintain bragging rights as among the very first to detect this stunning coastal hotel. Below are a few things to do Mandalika to enhance your itinerary.

  1. Merese Hill — stunning photogenic scenery

Whether you are a professional photographer or casual shutterbug, you’ll fall in love with Merese Hill or Bukit Merese. Locals call it Merisik, that has the dual meaning of “barren” and “bald,” because you can see one tree on the entire hill.

To receive the best view, strategy to attain the hill at sunset, or if you’re a morning person, at sunrise. It is not tough to trek, however as with the majority of areas so high up, it’s almost always a good idea to prepare yourself — wear shoes intended for outdoor activities with a fantastic grip that keep you stable and your toes protected.

  1. Tanjung Aan Beach — a Distinctive crescent-shaped coastline

Tanjung Aan is your one-stop beach for those who need some serious fun in the sun, from cruising, swimming, and surfing to sunbathing.

Additionally its unique, crescent-shaped coastline, this lovely Mandalika beach also boasts sparkling clear water that’ll give the snorkelling crowd something to be excited about.

Though Tanjung Aan Beach is not the most popular shore in Mandalika, it’s a lesser-known alternative for those who aren’t too fond of packaged tourist spots.

  1. Goa Kotak — a natural framework for a panoramic view

Goa Kotak, meaning “square-foot”, not just lives up to its title, however, also looks like it has been specifically designed to proceed hand-in-hand together using all the Instagram format.

  1. Seger Beach — a Website for the Yearly Bau Nyale festival

Seger Beach is also, like the remaining shores on the record, still comparatively untouched than the neighbouring regions in different areas of the Indonesian archipelago. The combo of the clean blue water and soft creamy colour of the sand leaves a pretty colour palette for unbeatable vacation photographs. With colours such as these, you won’t use the filter in the camera.

Along with its attractiveness, Seger Beach is also the site of this yearly Bau Nyale Festival, a traditional service where individuals of Central Lombok capture sea worms which are thought to be incarnations of town’s namesake, Princess Mandalika. This event is generally held in February or March of every year.

  1. Serenting Beach — view that the giant mushroom rock

Serenting Beach is one of many choices for surfers and anyone eager to go beach-hopping at Mandalika.

Sitting close to the shore is a massive stone that resembles a giant tree. The Sasak term for mushroom, tengkong, is what sailors call the rock that has turned into a unique identifier of Serenting Beach.

This specific beach is recommended for people who don’t enjoy being in crowded areas as it’s one of the very popular places in Mandalika. You can enjoy the serene atmosphere as you relax under the sun with few without interruptions.

  1. Gerupuk Beach — the perfect place to surf the waves

A base to a local fishing community, Gerupuk Beach is still another gem waiting for you in Mandalika. It is mostly loved by serious users that want to ride hard waves on top of enjoying a great view.

For those interested in obtaining some chill downtime, the softness of the sand will make you want to lie down and stare in the skies forever. You can also explore the surrounding hills to have a better perspective of the whole beach.

Ready to start your getaway to Mandalika? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and don’t miss out on the magic!