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Checklist of Questions to Ask Before Breast Augmentation

Before booking their initial breast augmentation session with a cosmetic surgeon, women who are contemplating getting breast implants frequently give their choice months or even years to think about. But there are several things you should consider before you book a consultation. Before moving forward, it’s critical to be sure of your motivations for choosing breast augmentation and to be ready for the procedure.

Before scheduling a breast augmentation in Richmond, VA, you should decide how to respond to the following questions.

What are my chances of success with breast augmentation?

Although it might not be as simple as you may believe, this question appears to have an easy answer. Women who are thinking about getting breast implants are doing so for very personal reasons. Some people may have naturally flat chests and wish to increase their breast size in order to feel more confident. Women who have given birth can seek to regain volume that was lost after giving birth. 

Asymmetry in the breasts can be fixed through breast augmentation. Regardless of the cause, patients should be in good general condition and have reasonable expectations for the treatment.

Why did I decide to get breast augmentation surgery?

It’s important to consider why you want to receive breast implants. It’s usual and understandable to decide to have breast augmentation surgery to boost your confidence and self-image. Most people want to feel fantastic about their appearance and happy with their bodies. Red signs include getting breast implants to save a relationship or as a result of outside pressure. It’s best to determine whether an external factor is influencing your choice if you’re unsure.

Am I okay with the potential for issues and the required recovery time?

Although complications following breast augmentation surgery are very uncommon, it’s crucial to be aware of the dangers before having any type of surgery, especially elective cosmetic surgery. We lower the risk of complications by employing the latest cutting-edge surgical methods and performing procedures at a nearby hospital or a certified outpatient surgery center.

Am I in a position to afford a breast augmentation?

The primary emotion you should experience when considering getting breast implants should be excitement, not stress. Saving for breast augmentation surgery might add to the excitement, but it is advisable to put off getting the procedure until you have more stable finances. In the Richmond region, breast augmentation procedures can range in price but commonly start at around $6,000.