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Common Myths and Misconceptions about Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is one of the most commonly misunderstood cosmetic treatments. Numerous individuals are afraid to talk about it since it involves sexual-related topics leading to a lot of misunderstanding. Recently, there has been a lot of misinformation about Labiaplasty Roslyn Heights driving away people wishing to receive it. If you are at home considering this surgery, consult your healthcare provider to understand the facts and myths better. In this article, we provide a helpful guideline for some of the common myths and misconceptions about Labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty Hurts

The procedure is painless as most patients experience little pain after surgery. The painless experience results from the lack of irritation from enlarged labia. Your surgeon will execute it under local or general anesthesia, ensuring you remain comfortable during the entire process. However, you may encounter less discomfort after surgery which oral medications can address.

The Procedure Is Performed for Cosmetic Purposes

Even though cosmetic enhancement is one of the common reasons for considering labiaplasty surgery, the treatment is designed to address various medical concerns. For example, your healthcare provider may recommend surgery to remove pain and irritation due to enlarged labial tissue. Women of all ages usually look for labiaplasty, hoping to obtain an enhanced appearance and minimize physical discomforts like wetness, chafing, and tenderness. These discomforts are mainly common when you wear tight underwear or clothing.

Only Women with Kids Are Eligible

The misinformation about labiaplasty about women with kids is wrong. The procedure can benefit several different women. For example, excessive skin on the labia can occur due to aging or genetics and childbirth. Women can consider the surgery if they are struggling with discomfort and want a better body appearance after the growth of excess labia skin.

Labiaplasty Needs a Prolonged Recovery

Any mild pain or discomfort after surgery should disappear within a few days. You should also expect a total recovery in approximately six weeks. From 4-6  weeks, you should stay away from energetic exercise to enable the region to heal completely and promptly. Moreover, you should return to your sexual routine after 6 weeks following the surgery. Most women can return to daily routines and tasks after two or four days.

My Partner Can See Labiaplasty Scars

When your physician performs the surgery using a wedge-type mechanism in contrast to the edge-trim mechanism, it is unlikely to notice scars. However, the wedge labiaplasty technique is preferable due to its ability to conceal scarring. Your surgeon can place the incision in a hidden place, ensuring the final outcome appears exceptionally natural, only with fewer signs of an operation.

The Surgery Can Minimizes Sexual Stimulation

Most people believe they will experience reduced feelings and sexual stimulation after the surgery. However, you should be confident because labiaplasty does not diminish your sexual routine, as the labia are not entailed in stimulating sex. Usually, the nerves responsible for bringing sensation are situated elsewhere. In fact, there are reported cases of increased sexual stimulation in women after undergoing surgery.

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