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Why should you consider having surgical hair restoration?

The hair on your head helps you create a distinct persona of yourself and equally complement your personality. It is most depressing when your hair starts falling more than usual. There could be multiple reasons for your hair loss such as genetic, psychological stress, lifestyle, age factor and more.

Out of all the solutions available for hair loss problem, Surgical hair restoration or Hair transplant is the most promising and permanent solution, which enables you to grow your natural hair back quite easily.

Here is why you should consider a hair transplant for yourself right away –

  1. You have started encountering male pattern baldness- Male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is the progressive loss of hair typically on the front and top of the head, leading to an identifiable pattern in males. It can begin as early as the teenage years though occurs mostly in the adults.

Hair transplant helps you regain the hair in the areas of your scalp where they are lost. It involves extracting hair follicles from the scalp areas having permanent hair growth and transplanting it into the balding area of your scalp.

  1. You are experiencing female-pattern baldness– similar to men, women also observe hair loss involving entire crown area diffusely leaving a lot of scalp visibility and widening of parting.

There are numerous reasons for this condition, which a doctor can determine accurately. Hair transplant is a permanent and reliable solution in advanced stages of such hair loss in females.

  1. You had hair loss after surgery around your incision site– Individuals, who have undergone surgery which has led to a gaping in hair can create a camouflage with hair transplant.

This will cover up that bald patch with the natural hair regrowth. This constructive method can effectively help you get rid of that noticeable bald patch.

  1. No medical treatment could provide a working solution in long standing patchy hair loss– Medication is the first thing that people look for in case of Alopecia or patchy hair loss. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, as its effectiveness largely depends on the physiology, which varies from person to person. Eventually that leads to scarring of the underlying hair follicles.

After all the other medical treatments fail to deliver, surgical hair restoration emerges as the ultimate hair regaining method, which you can consider going for if the patch has remained restricted and not spread further. The chances of growing hair after transplant on such patches is only about 50%.

  1. You suffered an injury to your scalp and lost the hair in that area– a deep cut (laceration) or abrasion due to a physical injury to your scalp region can damage your hair follicles in that area of the scalp, leaving them to die completely, leading to a permanent loss of hair.

Hair transplant can bring your natural hair growth back in that scalp region by planting new hair follicles to it depending upon viability of the underlying tissue. Always check reviews on hair transplant clinic which you are planning to visit. Reviews of popular clinic such as Dr. Batra, RichFeel reviews are easily available online.