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Dr. Whalen Virginia Beach Chiropractor and Adjustment Techniques 

When you’re curious about receiving treatments from chiropractors in Virginia, you’d surely want to know what methods would work for you. You’ll not simply visit a chiropractic care clinic and ask to be treated right away because you have to undergo a process. Just like any other medical facility in the city, you must consult a doctor to discuss your symptoms and get diagnosed.

You’ll be asked to take an X-ray so that they can see what’s wrong with your body and why you’re suffering from various types of pain. After finding out about your particular condition, the experts will assess you and suggest a technique to help in treating your circumstances. A chiropractor will explain how you can be treated; thus, he will create a program that must be completed in several sessions.

Bear in mind that most health conditions can’t be treated in an instant, thus, you must track the journey to your recovery, especially when it’s quite severe. There are so many health practitioners offering various services for diverse settings but not all of them suit our needs. But with chiropractic care, the doctors can prepare a program tailored to our specific requirements.

What do chiropractic doctors offer?

A Virginia Beach chiropractor provides healthcare services that emphasize neuromuscular-related disorders. They’ll be diagnosing the sickness and treating their patients with non-invasive methods. This will be managed manually using the force and pressure of their hands.

With such a skill, the doctors can make adjustments and manipulate your spine. They may also deal with your neck, shoulders, arms, legs, and feet where there could be soreness in the joints. Some individuals are struggling with movement issues and require rehabilitation activities for their fast recovery.

Most athletes demand such treatments after suffering from minor to major injuries. They find the techniques appropriate, though due to unique circumstances, every patient may receive different programs. Some of them are treated with various tools or equipment, exercises, massage, etc.

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Common Techniques

As patients, we have to understand what techniques could be applied to us. Let’s say that it’s a must to be familiar with these for our comfort and peace of mind. These methods are all worth it but we should know how the doctors are treating us.

Flexion Distraction

This is specifically designed to treat lumbar-spine disorders where patients usually suffer from sciatica, backaches, and disc injuries. The experts focus on increasing the overall motion of the spine and fixing disc herniations or bulges without throbbing.

A special table is used in this technique to incorporate proper spine manipulation. Along with the table’s motion, the expert must be able to eradicate pressure, causing discomfort on the disc. This will allow essential nutrients to be accepted, thus, improving its function – click for more practices.


This is a technique applied when realigning of the spine is required.  It’s an effective means of relieving pain and is the most precise so far.

Here, the experts will have to make the necessary adjustments on the pelvic area or lower back. So the patient must lie on his side when doctors perform such a method. Through this, realigning joints would be more accurate since it will ease pain, relax stiffness, and widen the mobility range.


With this, you can alleviate backaches and pain in the neck and extremities. The expert will use an activator adjustment instrument which is a tool specifically designed for this. By using this instrument, the doctor will be able to figure out specific areas that require short but low-force throb.

Low pressure is applied to affected areas. They do this to minimize tension during manual spinal manipulation. When that happens, joints can be prevented from twisting or putting in conceded situations.


Here, our expert will be manipulating joints in the extremity. This means that it would be outside the spinal area. Therefore, the method is applied to your shoulder, wrist, elbow, ankle, and knee joints.

It’s an ideal treatment for individuals who are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome – look at this; and posture-related concerns. With this alignment type, you can enhance mobility since there’s less stress on the joints and spine. You may feel a few to zero discomfort, depending on the severity of your condition and sensitivity level.


Most patients are interested in restoring and improving the function of their joints. This is why they’re coming for spinal column manipulation.

This is a mild to moderate forcing motion that involves stretching. Through this, the joints will be activated for enhanced movability. I suppose this one is more gentle than other methods.


It’s a drop technique where chiropractors use an exclusive table. It’s the same as other methods but this one comes with insignificant augmentations.

This causes a vibration that will alleviate all sorts of discomfort. Applying multiple thrusts during the adjustment would be more effective.