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Drug Testing – Fake Urine Kit &Synthetic Pee Reviews

Drug Screen

There are suggestions that there are some substances which, once ingested, will disguise drug use by altering the body chemistry. Many products are being advertised as drug screens, but unfortunately, most of them do not have any scientific backing. One of the most commonly used is activated charcoal, which is a natural detoxifier.

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If taken over the course of several days or weeks, it lowers the metabolite levels in the long-term. Another product that has been proposed to be a useful drug screen is lecithin, a food emulsifier, but whose usefulness is yet to be proven. Other products are high-priced teas and powders which are reported to be urine cleansers, but not backed up on medical grounds. They work well for some users, while there are no tangible results in others. Some schools of thought suggest that the success is attributed to water dilution, and not necessarily to the drug screens.  


Urine dilution has been seen to be useful in many cases, but sometimes it is not always 100% reliable. Heavy daily drug users especially have to find another way to combine to urine dilution to pass their drug test. Another trick is to compromise the quality of the urine by adding adulterants or buying a fake urine kit. While this might work, it is a risky approach because someone might be watching, and if caught cheating, the consequences might be dire. Buying urine from a lab may also put you in trouble if its temperatures are not right.

Spiking the urine with an adulterant is not a very sure way of passing the test, primarily because technology has made it possible for the testers to detect any foreign substances that have been added. While many drug testing aids are advertised with a money-back guarantee, it is not always an assurance that your test will turn out good for you.