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Facts to Know Before Getting a Neck Lift

It is normal to focus on the face when we think about aging signs – forehead creases and fine lines around the eyes and mouth.  But your face is just one area where your aging signs occur; for many, the neck ages faster.  A neck lift can significantly improve the appearance of your neck by removing excess skin and fat around your jawline, creating a more defined and youthful look.  However, like any other form of plastic surgery, you don’t want to jump into getting a neck lift Reston before you are fully informed.  Below are important things you should know before the procedure.

An initial consultation is vital

Preparing in advance is essential for any cosmetic surgical procedure.  While you should do your research, one of the best places to get accurate information is from your plastic surgeon.  They will have all the information about neck lifts you need to know and personalize their answers.  During the consultation, your doctor will evaluate your health and discuss your surgical goals and expectations; this can be exciting and intimidating.  All these emotions, paired with the new information you are receiving, can be overwhelming.

Neck lifts require a board-certified plastic surgeon

It is easy to assume that everyone offering neck lifts is a board-certified plastic surgeon, but this is not always the case.  You are most likely to get the best results when you work with a board-certified surgeon if you choose any other surgeon.  Board-certified surgeons use newer techniques and technology, have the most rigorous training, and invest in ongoing education while committing to best practices and maintaining high standards.

Besides being board-certified, you want to ensure that you work with a skilled surgeon.  Ensure that your surgeon has performed similar procedures; a surgeon could be experienced with plastics but struggle to deliver the best neck lift results.  Therefore, find a surgeon specializing in facial and neck procedures but if you can’t find one, make sure they have the experience level you are comfortable with.

There are potential side effects and complications

A neck lift is a surgical procedure, meaning it is associated with the general side effects of surgery.  For example, there is the risk of adverse reactions to anesthesia, bleeding, hematoma, scarring, infection, nerve injury, and skin loss.  It is also possible that you are not satisfied with the procedure’s results.  In such an event, a second surgery may be an option.

Swelling and bruising are normal after a neck lift; these may take several weeks or months to disappear fully.  Meanwhile, you will need to wear a special garment that compresses your neck to help reduce the swelling.

You require downtime

If you are considering getting a neck lift, you should factor in the time you will need to heal.  You may need to take some time off school or work; therefore, schedule surgery during the most convenient time.  During your recovery period, you will need to protect your skin from the sun, wear loose clothing and be gentle with your incisions.  Your surgeon will give you detailed care guidelines to ensure seamless healing and lower the risk of complications.

If you have further questions about a neck lift, consult your surgeon at Rostami OP.