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Finest Treatments for Loose or Sagging Skin

As we age, body changes are inevitable. Aging causes the skin to sag or become loose. Since this experience can be frustrating, many people are tirelessly looking for treatment options to address the issues. For instance, skin tightening Shreveport has been gaining popularity because it stimulates tightening and rejuvenation of the skin, enabling people to regain a youthful appearance. There are several options healthcare specialists can utilize to perform the task courtesy of advanced technology. Below are some of the finest treatments for loose or sagging skin that can make your skin tighter, smoother, and stronger. 


Microneedling is one of the common procedures for treating several skin conditions, such as sagging and scars. Your healthcare expert performs the procedure by applying a handheld medical device with micro-sized needles. The device is responsible for creating fine incisions into your skin near the targeted site. Once performed, your skin develops collagen that effectively heals the punctured site, improving your skin health and making it tighter.

Laser Skin Tightening

The procedure is effective because certain lasers may deliver heat into the skin without negatively influencing the epidermis. When your specialist uses an infrared laser light on the targeted area, the heat penetrates deep within the skin, promoting collagen production. Usually, increased levels of collagens are vital in treating various skin conditions such as sagging. The procedure is also effective because it is safe, painless, and takes only a few months for noticeable skin improvement to be present.


Ultrasound is useful in several ways, including pregnancy tests and kidney stone detection. The procedure depends on using safe ultrasound energy, which is transferred into your skin and transformed into thermal energy. This energy helps in tightening and lifting deep under the skin. Your provider begins by applying ultrasound devices to examine the deeper skin layers. This process confirms they deliver ultrasound energy properly to where it is needed to lift your skin.


Radiofrequency is sent to the targeted site with the help of a specialized medical device where it heats up the collagen available under your skin. This process is integral as it produces more collagen, improving your skin’s health gradually. As a result, your neck and jowl skin begins to tighten after treatment.

Chemical Peeling

It is a form of chemical treatment, including peels and medicated creams, that are optional for most individuals. It is mainly effective and prescribed because it is easy and minimally invasive. Specialists apply typical acids in the peels, such as salicylic, glycolic, and kojic acids, to remove the outer dead layer and revive the skin. The treatment is also beneficial in various ways, such as treating dark spots and wrinkles and, most importantly, tightening the skin.

Thread Lift

The procedure is mainly used for individuals who need more effective outcomes, such as facelifts without a scalpel. During the procedure, your healthcare professional pulls the skin back slightly, which gives it a tighter appearance. Extra perks along with skin tightening, and thread lifts contribute to more production of collagens by frustrating the body’s healing process.

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