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Glo Brings the Best Online Yoga Classes to Busy Moms, Men, and Office Workers

When life gets busy, many people have the tendency to cutout fitness, but this is probably the time we would benefit the most from exercise. Yoga is one of the best activities for individuals who do not have a lot of time because it incorporates cardio, strength training, and stretching. In addition to all the physical benefits of practicing yoga, mentally your mind gets a chance to settle and be still, emotions can even out and allow you to get a fresh outlook on life, and your general disposition may become brighter. Some methods to incorporate this type of exercise into your day are to look for the best online yoga classes, and Glo is a company that provides this service.


The founders at Glo know how helpful yoga can be to all sorts of people. If you are a stay-at-home mom, you rarely have any time for yourself. Family, children, and the home often take precedence over your needs.

For these moms, the best online yoga classes need to be convenient, fast, and most of all effective. Glo has managed to wrap all of those qualities into 1000s of courses. If moms are looking for a way to match the energy of a young family, they can work out with yoga instructor Dice. He teaches a class on elevating your energy and wakefulness naturally by using your own body’s power and strength. No doubt, you are probably short on time. If you have 15 minutes, take a quick breather and ignite yourself with a Hatha yoga routine.

Office Workers

Office workers can spend a lot of time commuting and sitting at a desk. Both of these activities may be necessary but do not do much to contribute to your health. A career woman or man can learn how to balance work with relaxation and exercise by using the best online yoga classes too. One Hatha yoga instructor teaches a lesson that is all about decompressing the spine and back. After sitting and hunching over a keyboard all day, this yoga class can bring welcome relief. Some of the yoga poses the teacher will do with you are the crescent and the camel, which are lunging moves that open up the chest. Quadriceps, the muscles in front of the thighs, tend to shorten and become tight when a person sits all day. Instructor, Mary Taylor, teaches a quick 15-minute yoga stretching class that specifically focuses on the muscles and tendons of the legs. Mary is an experienced teacher who has been practicing yoga since the 70s.


Many men do not think about doing yoga, but for the workaholic, this form of exercise can relieve the daily pressures of work and help lower blood pressure. One of the many benefits of using Glo is you can perform the activities in the privacy of your own home. If a man feels uncomfortable attending a public yoga class, Glo can provide all the instructions and variations through any mobile device, tablet, laptop, or computer. There is a mix of men and women instructors on Glo.


Glo created an online platform for yoga so people could get easier access to the exercises. They offer some of the best online yoga courses, and they cover all levels of fitness. There are programs for people who have never done one second of yoga to the seasoned veteran looking for a challenge. The instructors are warm, friendly, and skilled professionals. Glo is so sure of the quality of their courses that anyone can sample the best online yoga classes for free for 15 days.