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How to Increase the Production of HGH Naturally

If you are interested in increasing lean muscle mass in your body and stop ageing, then you have landed on the right article. A couple of decades ago movies stars, athletes and bodybuilders believe that consuming HGH will make them stronger and younger, but at the risk of their lives. They were spending thousands of dollars to look younger and become stronger. Let us understand how body produces it and how we can enhance its production naturally. HGH is produced by pituitary glands and as we age, the production becomes slower. This is the reason ageing people lose muscle mass and increase fat percentage in their body. Now you can stop this process and turn the tide in your favor. Those people who want to grow taller can use homemade cocktail for growing taller after discussing with their physician.

Increasing HGH

A million dollar question is how to increase the production of HGH naturally without any side effects and without spending a single penny. Yes, you can do it with short and intense bodyweight exercises. Several health sciences researches have proved intense workout is considered as key factor for HGH production.

You can also combine bodyweight exercises with sprints. When you do heavy exercises,body releases growth hormones to recover itself and rebuild the tissues. Healthy food items and quality protein will enable your body build muscles. Taking a good night sleep is also an effective way to enhance HGH secretion in the body.

Eat high quality protein and low carbohydrate diet

Consuming good quality protein will supply all the essential nutrients to your body to rebuild itself after an intense workout. It is advised not to consume anything two hours before bedtime. Too much of carbohydrates will stop the production of growth hormones because your body will be in need of insulin to maintain the sugar level.

Vitamin D

We all are aware that vitamin D is good for our bones. It is imperative to consult your physician and find out the right quantity of vitamin D required for your body.

Sugary Items

Consuming sugary drinks after work out will make your hypothalamus release somatostatin. This will decrease the secretion of HGH. Sugary items spike insulin levels; this also contributes in increasing body fat percentage and detrimental to growth hormone.

People also take injections of HGH, but you are not supposed to do this without consulting an experienced professional.In the present scenario, this kind of treatment has become recognized and experts believe that it will stay for a couple of years.

People who want to know the level of HGH in their blood can opt for a HGH deficiency test. This test is called IGF-1 and known as the best marker. If your test value comes lower than 200, then this is a clear indication of growth hormone deficiency. You can also prepare homemade cocktail for growing taller, use this cocktail regularly for best results. Have a word with your physician if you want to give the same cocktail to your kids.