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How your skin can benefit from a Microneedling Treatment

Many people care about their skin look, and hence they will feel anxious if something odd affects their skin. Conditions such as wrinkles, enlarged pores, acne scars, and stretch marks have left people hunting for specific medicine services to restore their skin appearance. Dermatologists are busy trying to improve many people’s skin issues with different technologies and medications such as chemical peels, lasers, and microdermabrasion. Dr. Laura Riehm recommends microneedling as it is an efficient non-invasive therapy that one can attempt which does miracles on all regions of the body to give you a young appearance. Here are the reasons you should attempt this therapy option.

Treat Scars

The treatment of your skin may help acne disappear. However, you may be left with lingering skin, hurting your self-confidence and self-esteem. Microneedling might be a lasting option if you wish to eradicate those permanent stains on your skin. The treatment, when used, stimulates your skin area and improves the mending process. It will allow the skin to fill in the regions depressed with acne scars and improve your skin look and texture.

In addition, the process successfully reduces scars on your body caused by surgery and trauma. We can also use this technology to clear your body’s stretch marks.

Improves Skin Tone

When your skin encounters so many solar waves, it will be impacted since the heat wave will hasten the breakdown of the available collagen. When the sun is blazing hot, it might impact your hands and skin hyperpigmentation areas, and you will acquire sunspots. A microneedling therapy is necessary to break up the hyperpigmentation of your skin and boost your skin cell turnover to establish a more even skin color.

Helps in the Delivery of Platelet-rich Plasma

The available Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) is critical to the skin as it acts as a regenerative medicine with a high concentration of essential healing components in your blood. This will comprise specific proteins, platelets, and growth factors. Therefore, if you have cosmetic goals, it would be better to try microneedling sparks therapy to assist speed your body’s repair process.

The process works best when the PRP is utilized for your treatment when a sample of blood is extracted from your body and then put to your skin before a professional starts the microneedling procedure. We use the tiny needles to force the healing properties into your skin surface area from the PRP to help maximize the skin beautifying process.

Decreases Scarring Severity

When you are afflicted by atrophic scarring, a microneedling treatment can be done to improve the scarring on your body.

The scarring may not go completely, however after undergoing the operation, the marks will lessen. This treatment is helpful for persons who have been left with scars caused by chickenpox and acne.

Suppose you have any skin-related concern, share your condition, and get the best professional help. The institution is committed to delivering all its clients top-notch services to enjoy the finest version of themselves. Please arrange an appointment to address your issue with a professional at our facility.