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Important Facts About Eyelid Retraction

Once your lower or upper eyelids are pulled away from your eyes, it could expose more white areas of your eyes or also known as scleral show.  When this happens, it will lead to eyelid retraction. Usually, they appear in rounded shape, not almond.  This can be acquired through genetics however, most individuals got eyelid retraction from thyroid disease, trauma or even from abnormal scarring on your previous eye surgery procedure.

What is the main cause of eyelid retraction?

Commonly, thyroid disease triggers the retraction of your upper eyelid, pushing your eyes forward into its socket.  In this case, it makes it harder for your lids to cover and safeguard your eyes properly. Meanwhile, lower eye retraction happens when scar tissue starts to tighten your eyelid and then pull them away from the ball.  When you have a retracted eye for long time, it may result to redness, irritation, pain and may affect your cornea.

How to treat my retracted eyelids?

First thing first. You need to ensure that your eyes are sanitized and moisturized to avoid any injury or discomfort. But if you want a permanent solution, then better opt for invariably surgery.  Consult your surgeon regarding with this matter to know the right surgery type suited on the severity of your eyelid retraction.  Before you know it, you’ll be drooling over your droopy eyelid surgery taken by the best plastic surgeon Bella Vista like Dr Naveen Somia and seeing great results from the surgery.

For upper lid retraction surgery

Don’t be scared anymore. Whether you’ve got your retracted upper eyelid from injury, overactive thyroid or from your blood line, it can be now corrected through loosening your retractor muscles which results on lowering your upper eyelids.  With the help of an excellent surgeon, you can now achieve the best cosmetic result and comfortable position of lids.  Moreover, blepharoplasty can be also done to remove those excess skin folds and fat but it will still depend on you.

For lower lid retraction surgery

Sagging and retracted lower lids no more! Repair it surgically as it elevates your pretty lower eyelids through hidden transconjunctival incision within your lower eyelid. This will then release your eyelid retractors along with scar tissue. Possibly, you can also have spacer graft or midface lift.

Canthus or simply, the outer corner of your eye could be also constricted, supporting your lower eyelid part. Such procedure could result into more aesthetic almond eyes you’ll surely love.

Prepare for the consultation!

Be prepared on your eyelid retraction consultation.  Your surgeons will surely ask things in regard with your lifestyle, health and desires. Most likely they’ll ask question such as:

  • Did you undergo any previous surgeries?
  • Why do you like to undergo this surgery?
  • What is your expectation?
  • What are your desired outcome?
  • Do you have any medical conditions, previous medical treatments or drug allergies?
  • Did you use currently vitamins, medications, alcohol, herbal supplements or tobacco?

Trust only the best eyelid surgery specialist!

So, if you are planning to undergo upper eyelid surgery, either for reconstructive or cosmetic reasons, ask help about Dr Naveen Somia’s lower eyelid surgery. He can offer personalized treatment plan and further give you an idea in what you can expect from blepharoplasty.