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Interesting Facts about Sclerotherapy You Should Know

Varicose or spider veins are dangerous because it may be difficult to know how to deal with them. Traditionally, the vein treatment was highly invasive, had little success, and required a long time to recover. Today, there are several effective and advanced options to address the issue that people are benefiting from. For instance, Sclerotherapy Tallahassee is one typical treatment option people have benefited from for spider and small varicose veins. If you are curious about what this treatment entails, below are some interesting facts about sclerotherapy you should know.

Sclerotherapy Treatment Is Quick

Usually, when undergoing the procedure, your physician will only take 10 to 15 minutes to complete it. Besides, it does not involve much preparation as your doctor can execute it in the veins clinic. Your doctor will instruct you to lie down and elevate your legs for some minutes to execute the treatment effectively. Therefore, do not worry about much preparation for taking leave from your work as you only need 15 minutes.

Sclerotherapy Comprises Few Side Effects

For years, sclerotherapy has been approved by the FDA for treating spider veins. The longevity is because it contains few severe side effects. Some side effects may occur to some people because the chemical solution injected into your veins may cause irritation and discomfort, including stinging or cramping. Moreover, you may also experience some punch when the practitioner inserts a needle in your veins.

Less Recovery Time

The procedure entails little recovery time and does not interrupt your daily activities. The procedure is always effective during the winter as the short weather always makes your legs ready. After the treatment, it is essential to walk a little bit to assist blood flow through the veins and reduce the chances of blood clots. You can also return to your normal activities the same day after treatment.

Sclerotherapy Is Versatile

The procedure can be used to treat both small spider veins and larger varicose veins. If it is difficult to see a vein from the skin’s surface, your physician can utilize ultrasound assistance to visualize and treat it with sclerotherapy. Therefore, do not be worried about the effectiveness of your spider or varicose vein, as the procedure can effectively treat both.

The Procedure Is Minimally Invasive

Typically, sclerotherapy does not require you to be hospitalized or local anesthesia, which is considered minimally invasive. During the treatment, your physician will apply a thin needle to inject a specific solution into the affected region. The solutions irritate the vein’s walls, making them swell and stick together. Afterward, the veins disappear, and any symptoms you may experience, like tired or achy legs, will improve.

It May Require Multiple Treatments

You may undergo a series of sclerotherapy treatments based on the size, location, and the number of spider veins. These treatments are mainly spaced weeks apart. However, even with multiple treatments, you may have to wait approximately two months before seeing visible results. Once they disappear, you will enjoy long-lasting effects, although they may be temporary.

Staying with varicose or spider veins can be devastating and annoying. If you have been struggling with these veins, consider Tallahassee Vein & Face Clinic located in Tallahassee, Florida, for effective treatment. The clinic comprises a team of vein specialists determined to offer the passionate treatment you will never regret. Call, schedule an appointment online or visit the clinic today to mark the end of bothersome spider or varicose veins.