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Legionella Risk Assessment Companies

When it comes to making sure we are free of risk and potential damage on an industrial level, Legionella risk assessment companies are vital. Any business, corporation or organization that feels like it needs help in dealing with Legionella – or wants to make sure that it is clear of such an issue – needs to know where to look for assistance.

One of the most professional firms in the UK to turn to for proven Legionella risk assessments is Pureflow Solutions. This UK-based team of water hygiene specialists know what to look for when it comes to finding and capturing any signs of Legionella. If you find it hard to know what the signs would be or you feel like might be at risk from Legionella, then all you need to do is contact Pureflow.

Ever since 1974 and the introduction of the Health and Safety at Work Act, companies have been required to check their water supplies through a full and thorough Legionella risk assessment program. This is needed to help show that all precautions have been taken to try and make sure that Legionella can be caught and dealt with in any place of work.

For that reason, then, many are unsure of where to start. This potentially fatal disease must be tested for, though; no exceptions, no ways to avoid it. It can be contracted in many different ways, even through things as simple as taking in an aerosol that contained the Legionella bacteria. Therefore, clear and visible assessments are needed to help make sure that the problem is first spotted and then contained.

For any business that is serious about making this possible, you should look to contact Pureflow Solutions as soon as you can. Prevention is necessary to avoid an outbreak. After all, this can be a major problem for the health of the public and of your staff.

For that reason, any business that works within any kind of temperatures from 20-45C and has water storage tanks or cooling towers is at risk. Any kind of water system, though, can be at risk if it is not cared for and looked after.

Therefore, you should look to undertake a Legionella risk assessment which will look for:

  • The potential causes of any Legionella outbreak, should it exist.
  • Risk assessment needs to help make sure that the problem can be deal with as soon as possible.
  • Reports on what has went wrong – or what could go wrong – and what needs to change about storage and usage.
  • The safe management of any aerosol-forming pressure outlets that could be the cause of a legionella outbreak.
  • Stagnation and water flow reports to help combat the problem ahead of schedule.

This will make it much easier for any business that is serious about health and safety to make a clear call on what has to change. Don’t wait until the problem evolves and it becomes nearly impossible to deal with; solutions exist; you just need to hire them.