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Perfect Treatment for ADHD Complications Now

For ADHD great many specialists advocate the use of medicines. In the US, stimulants are used to relieve the symptoms of ADHD, the most common of which are dangerous drugs. Their use is sharply criticized by some experts, the public, concerns about them are expressed by the World Health Organization. But a number of medical agencies insist on the effectiveness and safety of stimulants.

The Recent Studies

Studies confirm the efficacy of stimulants and the opposite work demonstrating ineffectiveness, harmful side effects, and the risk of addiction to cocaine in adolescence in children who have taken stimulants for a long time. However, it is mandatory to provide the children with substances supporting the ability to focus without producing side effects.

The Treatments

In the West, in order to reduce the hyperactivity and excitability of the child, antipsychotics are widely used. Meanwhile, studies suggest that these drugs reduce the amount of brain tissue, not to mention such side effects as increased body weight, increased blood cholesterol levels, increased blood pressure and the development of diabetes. In the UK, the right to prescribe antipsychotics is given not only to narrow specialists, but also pediatricians. In 2011, the British found that over the past 10 years the number of children taking these drugs has doubled and many of those who were barely 5 years old are among them.

The Infrastructure

This made a strong impression on the government, which decided to allocate 32 million pounds sterling for the expansion of psychological support services for children and adolescents. As already mentioned in the first part of the article, it is very important to conduct a medical examination of a child with ADHD. In some cases, taking control of physical problems, it is possible to reduce the symptoms of hyperactivity and attention disorders. For example, this occurs with the restoration of normal blood supply to the brain after correction of birth injuries of the cervical spine.

The Nootropics

In the US, nootropic drugs are often prescribed to improve brain metabolism and improve the tone of the cortex for children with ADHD. From the doctors often hear that they are in their practice to observe the positive effects of drugs, but clinically their effectiveness is not proven. The image of a child with an unnamed diagnosis of ADHD inattentive at lessons, poorly managed, unassembled in everyday life is often used to advertise multivitamins. He sings “Alphabet” and immediately mastered the alphabet and other academic knowledge and skills. In fact, it is unlikely that multivitamins will produce just such an effect. This does not exclude the possibility that a number of specific nutrients can have a positive effect on the symptoms of ADHD.

The perfect Addressing

There are studies showing a lack of omega-3 fatty acids in the body of children and adults with ADHD, as well as the positive effect of their intake. The best source of omega-3 fatty acids is fish oil, which is useful right away in many ways and has no harmful side effects, except for individual intolerance. However, at the same time, it is also shown that how the Nootropic drugs are supporting the ability to focus for the ADHD patients.