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Poliveil Spit Mask Will Protect All The Law Enforcers

A new research has revealed that over 1000 police officers (law workers) were exposed to bodily fluids while they were doing their job in the past year. Because of this, a mask has been created to protect all the law enforcers, so if you are interested, keep reading.

All the necessary information about the Poliveil Spit Mask and the purchases are listed on their official site, so make sure to visit if you are interested. Below, you will get to learn the most important things about this mask.

Law enforcers need to have protection from spit attacks

The Poliveil Spit Mask

To protect all the law workers, the Spit Mask was created, but it can be used by anyone in a setting where they could be spat on. Usually, when arresting a criminal or the suspect, the police officers will but a T-shirt or a towel over the suspects head, to protect his identity but this is not a good method for a number of reasons.

The biggest issue here is that the suspect cannot see anything in front of him, not to mention that the T-shirt can fall down easily. With Spit Mask you ensure the safety of their identity while allowing them to see everything in front.

Different types of Spit Masks:

  • The blue Spit Mask; this Spit mask will allow you to hide the identity of the suspect being arrested, while also allowing them to see in front. It has a one-way viewing window and while hiding the identity of the suspect it allows the air to flow in; of course, it protects you from spit attacks.
  • The orange Spit Mask; this mask is very similar to the previous model, but the front ‘window’ density is a bit higher. However, the suspect can still see through the mask while his identity is hidden as well as protect the law enforcers from spit attacks.
  • The white Spit Mask; there is also the white mask that will protect the law enforcers from the spit attacks but will not conceal the identity of the criminal. You can easily protect the spit guard police with Spit Mask simple purchase, so make sure to check it out.

With the Spit Mask, we are demonstrating the ‘appropriate care’ for all humans, as it allows us to hide their identity and let them see where they are going. But, since there are a couple of different masks, you should do proper research before just randomly purchasing a mask.

Different types of Spit Masks

The risks of spit attacks

Many people treat these attacks as if they are nothing until it happens to them. The spit-borne viruses can cause a lot of damage, as you can get hepatitis C and, in some cases, even HIV. If you want to protect yourself or your workers, you should consider getting the Poliveil Spit Mask, as it offers a much better function and it protects all the law enforcers on the job.

Final word

This KN95 mask can be used in any environment where you could be spat on by a suspect or a criminal because such things do not only happen to law enforcers, sometimes the medical staff can go through the same thing.