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Possible Questions You Should Ask Your Spine Specialist

Have you ever experienced back pain? Never dream of it because the results can be devastating if the problem is left untreated. Some people are afraid of seeking spine surgery as they may be anxious or scared. The fear and anxiety may stem as you may have numerous questions concerning the success rate of the surgery. Luckily, if you have had failed non-operative attempts, the answer lies with Roswell spine surgery. You may have several questions; here are answers to possible questions to ask your spine surgeon.

When Do I Qualify For Spine Surgery?

In most cases, not everyone can successfully receive neck, arm, and leg surgery. Various back pain results from conditions that specialists cannot eliminate through surgery. Occasionally, your spine surgeon may suggest treatments like activity modification, rest, or physical therapy. Also, spine surgery may not be recommended if you have chronic conditions because it makes the surgical process risky.

What Dangers Are Associated With Spine Surgery?

Usually, each surgery process is associated with risks. The nature of the spine surges the risks of complications compared to other surgeries. The spinal surgery occurs at and within the sensitive region in your spine and spinal cord. In case an error occurs, the most substantial risks you potentially experience may include spinal infection and paralysis.

What Are Common Complications Related To Spine Surgery?

After surgery around the pelvis, the patient may experience deep venous thrombosis whenever the blood vessels around the surgery are injured. A dural tear may occur if the surgery upsets your nerve or spinal cord protection. Other common complications that may happen include lung problems and infection.

What Is The Success Rate Of Spinal Surgery?

In most cases, the success rate for back surgeries is around 50%, where this estimation is conservative. However, the success rate of several back surgeries depends on different factors, such as your health status, the origin of the pain, the type of the surgery, and any other possible complications that may affect the effectiveness of the surgery.

What Does One Need To Do To Increase The Success Rate Of The Surgery?

Modifying your body weight before the surgeon can perform spine surgery is crucial. Alternatively, you should control diabetes as the condition increases the risks, such as infection and slow wound healing. Staying away from smoking is a critical factor most surgeries consider because they contribute to an infection and slow wound healing.

What Should You Do To Minimize Hospital Stay After Spine Surgery?

Once you undergo surgery, you should carefully and thoroughly adhere to your pre and postoperative instructions. Some of the instructions include losing weight if necessary and avoiding smoking. You should also ensure you build strength and stamina during recovery.

Do I Need Another Surgery In The Future?

You may likely need another surgery, depending on the future reason for the first surgery. For example, if you have degenerative disease and arthritis that cannot be stopped, they can occur again in the future, posing the need for other extra interventions.

Spine complications can be devastating because they lead to back pain if you fail to undertake the correct measures. Also, where you receive treatment matters. For certainty, consider visiting APEX Spine and Neurosurgery in Roswell, Georgia. The institution comprises a certified team of surgeons offering all spine surgeries in their ideal settings using the latest imaging technology. For more information, contact the institution’s office or book an appointment online to get started.