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What Problems can you Go Through When you have Erectile Dysfunction?

People often think that there is nothing that they need to be worried about when they are consuming medicines for problems like erectile dysfunction; the truth is that when you have erectile dysfunction, you not only go through the soft or no erection issue, but also a lot of other problems that come as parts and parcels with the major thing. If you have not heard of such things that come with erectile dysfunction, you must.

First of all, there are a lot of levofloxacin side effects that you go through due to medicine consumption. It is not something that you can ignore just like that. From headache to dizziness, from frustrated mood to lethargy, there are several changes that you feel within your body when you are consuming medicines for your erectile dysfunction. When you are aware about why you are going through these issues, you’d understand that they are nothing more than side effects of the medicines.

Secondly, you may get several mood swings. From being extremely happy at one point of time in the day to being extremely depressed, your mood is going to fluctuate a lot when you have erectile dysfunction. If this is already happening with you, don’t get panicked. Things are going to be fine the moment the problem is at the verge of being solved. You just need to be calm and as patient as you can.

Thirdly, you may not get an erection at all. It is not that only soft or less erections are found when a person is going through erectile dysfunction; the truth is that the person can face the problem of no erection at all. This is quite a severe erectile dysfunction issue that should be treated immediately.