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The Common Suboxone Treatment Myths

Recently, there has been an increase in people suffering from opioid addiction. In most instances, these people cannot overcome this condition without undergoing professional treatment. To control this problem, they apply Suboxone medication due to its effectiveness. If you suffer from opioid overdose addiction, you should apply Suboxone treatment Chamblee to reduce the cravings and withdrawal symptoms. If you have decided to apply this treatment, the following are the common Suboxone treatment myths you should stop believing in.

You are not in Recovery Process if You are Using Suboxone

In most instances, people believe you are not in recovery if you use Suboxone. One of the ways to term recovery is through analyzing the medication the person is employing to control their brain chemistry. Since addiction is viewed as a medical condition, applying Suboxone is a treatment for this condition. Saying that the person is not in recovery since they are using Suboxone has stigmatized most people using it. This myth has led to a decrease in people using Suboxone.

People Misuse Suboxone Frequently

Normally, some people can decide to misuse any drug. However, even though some can misuse Suboxone, it is only composed of a “partial” agonist of the critical opiate receptor, leading to less euphoria than other commonly misused opiates. There are other instances where some people can use Suboxone to manage withdrawal symptoms from fentanyl and heroin. The truth is that some people blame even those who use it for treatment. To reduce instances of misusing Suboxone, you should visit a specialist.

It is Easy to Overdose Suboxone

Some people believe it is easy to overdose on Suboxone, like people overdose on opiates. However, the truth is hard to overdose on Suboxone alone since it is a partial opiate receptor agonist, which has a built-in “ceiling” effect. This feature limits the number of opioid receptors that it can activate. It exposes the individual to less risk of slowed breathing than potent opiates such as morphine, heroin, and oxycodone. People only overdose on it when they mix it with other sedatives, such as benzodiazepines.

Suboxone cannot treat if it is not applied with therapy

In most instances, if you have addiction treatment, you require therapy, support groups, recovery coaching, employment support, and house assistance. However, this should mean that if one of these treatments lack the person will not recover. Even though the combination of all methods has been termed admirable, the lack of some methods can also be applied based on the individual’s condition. There have been instances where the use of Suboxone alone has been termed effective.

Suboxone Should Be taken For Short Time

There has been different information regarding how long the Suboxone treatment should last. The main problem with this information is they vary and lack evidence to back them. The truth is that we should not limit the use of Suboxone over a given time. People should stop using it when they have fully recovered from the addiction.

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