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Top 5 Tried and True Strategies for Managing Chronic Pain

At least 3 in 10 Americans suffer from chronic pain. The condition results from several things and lasts longer, hurting most of the time, and can significantly alter the quality of life. The pain management Falls Church specialists agree that the better ways of managing chronic pain involve you taking charge. Remember that everyone’s experience is unique and so do the treatment options. The main aim of any chronic pain management strategy is to ensure that you can continue with your quality of life with ease. Here are some techniques you can adapt to overcome chronic pain.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been used in managing different health complications. In managing chronic pain, myofascial release techniques are applied to provide relief. Your provider can help you understand if your chronic pain has trigger points for effective facilitation of the myofascial techniques. The techniques are applied to induce pressure to the trigger points directly or indirectly. The tissues are loosened, easing pain gradually over time. Although the techniques can be self-administered, it is important to seek expert help.

Stay Active

You ought to get moving even when enduring chronic pain. Research has shown that some exercises significantly improve nerve function, minimize anxiety and depression, reduce neuropathy symptoms, and reduce chronic pain. Although exercises can be hard to begin when enduring chronic pain, they form a crucial part of your daily chronic pain management plan. Even when in severe pain, exercises are necessary. You only need to start slow and increase gradually as you gain pain relief.

Ice and Heat

Hot baths can offer significant pain relief. The heat boosts your blood circulation by dilating your blood vessels. It also helps your joints and muscles to relax, minimizing inflammation in painful areas. However, you must use heat carefully to avoid skin complications like burns. Ice is also essential when managing chronic pain and can help reduce swelling. It can also numb pain for a while, working best with other techniques. You might want to try heat and cold therapies to find out which is best for you.


Anxiety and stress are some of the common triggers of chronic pain. They also affect your immune system and might affect the effectiveness of other chronic pain management options. Therefore, managing them is critical for your overall pain management plan. Meditation is one of the effective ways of managing stress levels, simplifying possible symptoms like pain. You only need to close your eyes in a special and quiet place and focus on breathing for about ten minutes. The simple practices do wonders in calming your nervous system, which may translate to pain relief.

Distract Yourself

Pai can worsen when you focus on it. You might realize that your pain persists despite the efforts mentioned earlier. Taking your mind away from your symptoms might help minimize the extent of your pain. Your hobbies can help you here. Read a book or solve a jigsaw puzzle to distract yourself from the pain. You can also use the internet and watch funny memes, favorite tv shows, or talk with your favorite people.

Managing chronic pain requires a comprehensive plan which can combine different techniques. Get in touch with the pain management specialists at Integrated Neurology Services for help. Wait no more to get pain relief. Make a call today or schedule your appointment online for help.