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URTI obstructing your child’s growth? Not anymore because homeopathy has the perfect solution.

Did you know that upper respiratory tract infection is common and might lead to complications? Many treatments are used to control symptoms and shorten the duration of illness. They often have minimal benefit and might lead to adverse effects. Read on to know how homeopathic medicine plays an important role in the treatment ofupper tract infection for children.

Symptoms and Causes of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection in Children

The upper respiratory tract (URT) consists of the nose, mouth,throat, larynx and trachea.Children areespecially at risk and possibly will have as many as eight or evenmore episodes each year.The most common symptoms are sore throat, runny nose, general sickness, and low-grade fever at the onset, followed by nasal congestion and cough. Symptoms typically peak around the third or fourth day and last for at least one to two weeks with a median of 7 days. Although generally short-lived, symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections such as fever, sore throat, headache and cough, aresources of distress for children.The acute coughfollowing an upper respiratory tract infection can continue for several weeks. The majority of upper respiratory tract infections are caused by viral pathogens, most commonly rhinoviruses, but also influenza viruses.

Treatments for Upper Respiratory Tract Infection in Children

The conventional treatment of upper respiratory tract infection includes antibiotics. You should know that conventional treatment is not always effective. In addition to efficacy, the immunological effects andsafety of antibiotics are another concern. There are severe side effects to the broad-spectrum antibiotics. These includeliver and renal failureand psycho-neurological effectsincluding hallucinations, depersonalization, depression,insomnia and psychosis.Due to these side effects, a search for safe and effective further treatment options is justified.

When dealing with complex systems, a holistic medicalapproach such as used in homeopathy, can offerhealing advantages.In fact, it is the person-focused approach ofhomeopathy that distinguishes it from conventional approaches. Unlike conventional treatment wheretreatment is based on the clinical diagnosis and the characteristic symptoms are given less importance, inthe homeopathic tradition, the prescription of ahomeopathic medicine is purely based on the totalityof symptoms and signs exhibited in children or expressed by children.

Homeopathy has proved resilient, is geographically widespread,and is an accepted part of the medical system in countriessuch as India. Safe and effective therapies would be a welcome addition to conventional treatment, especially because numerous conventional medicines are not authorized for use in small children. Homeopathy has a tradition of more than 200 years, and its main therapeutic objective is to stimulate the self-healing power of the body.Preliminary studies suggest it is effective and safe in the treatment of typical cold-related symptoms in both adults and children. The homeopathy treatment shortened upper respiratory tract infection duration, reduced the use of symptomatic medication, and was well tolerated.

In the treatment of self-limiting acute conditions such as upper respiratory tract infections, both treatment tolerability and the rateof improvement with a medical intervention are important,and several studies suggest that homeopathy treatment canfulfill both these prerequisites.


Respiratory infections are a common reason for seekinghomeopathic care.While lifestyle andnutrition play a significant part in their control, homeopathypresents a low cost, holistic adjunct or alternative for manycommon infections.Given the cost implications of treating upper respiratory tract infection and its complications in children and the relative absence of effective alternatives without potential side effects, the use ofnon-individualized homeopathic compounds tailored for thepediatric population merits further investigation.

It is highly suggested to visit your nearest homeopathy clinic as soon as you notice symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection.