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Various Types of Physical Therapy Available for You

Your body may have injuries and other conditions that are not only treated by medication but also require physical therapy. It helps you regain control of your life and build your strength back. Whether you have muscle problems, bone, or arthritis, with the right assistance from a trained physical therapist, you are guaranteed to regain your life. Getting a good physical therapy Houston specialist may be daunting. However, at Crom Rehabilitation, they guarantee you the best outcome. The team is experienced in physical therapy and rehabilitation, ensuring you are back on your feet. They will examine your condition and formulate a schedule that fits your needs. Here are some different types of physical therapy available for you.

Geriatric Physical Therapy

Older adults may experience problems with their mobility and physical function due to weakness and tears. The problems may also occur due to osteoporosis, arthritis, balance disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, and hip joint replacement. Your doctor may recommend geriatric physical therapy to help strengthen your body joints and muscles to improve your mobility, reduce pain and strengthen your body. Your physical therapist may recommend different physical exercises you can do daily alone or with their help and have effective results with time.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Your body may develop musculoskeletal injuries which affect muscles, ligaments, bones, and tendons. Treatment alone may not help treat these areas, and therefore, the doctor may recommend therapy as an additional remedy in treating these conditions. You will also be advised to try this type of therapy when you have conditions such as fractures, sprains, bursitis, and other chronic health problems that require rehabilitation. It can be used as a treatment for patients with mobility problems affecting joints, strengthening the muscles and joints, and other forms of training that help the body regain its stature.

Wound Care Therapy

Different forms of injuries may occur in your body and thereby causes wounds. Once the doctor attends to your wound when washing or operating on the affected area, they recommend some wound care therapy that helps the wound heal effectively without developing complications or infections. This type of therapy may be done at home or in the clinic regularly as the doctor continues to monitor the wound for faster and safe healing. This form of therapy may comprise wound care, compression therapy, and e-stim.

Neurological Physical Therapy

When you have neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, or stroke, your doctor may combine your treatment with therapy procedures to improve your recovery. Neurological therapy aims to improve your responsiveness, your movement pattern, and your body strength. It is effective in the long run since you can respond positively with the right assistance. Your body improves your balance and brain functioning depending on the injured area.

Medication treatment may not be enough when the body develops problems that limit mobility. The doctor may recommend different treatment methods to help the body resume its natural state faster. Physical therapy saves many people from different problems and helps improve your performance. The team at Crom Rehabilitation has experience in different types of physical therapy based on your needs. They will examine your medical report and formulate a therapy schedule that suits your problem. You can begin by scheduling an online consultation or calling their office today.