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What Strains Help Depression?

Depression is a mental illness that is becoming one of the fastest growing conditions in the world. Researchers have tried for many a year to find treatments for this often debilitating illness, and attention has turned to cannabis as a possible treatment. From the studies that have taken place, it is thought that the cannabis can interact with the ECS (Endocannabinoid System) which can provide relief for the sufferer, much better than what a traditional treatment could offer.

In a study conducted by the University of Buffalo, it was identified that stress can result in a reduction of the production of needed endocannabinoids, which can result in anxiety and depression, as well as pain. Cannabis can prevent this reduction, which in turn prevents the anxiety and depression from developing.

It is important for sufferers to avoid certain strains, such as high concentrated Indica strains, due to their tendency to make the user feel tired and lethargic. On the other hand, a pure Sativa may make the user quite energized, but this could be too activating. We would therefore recommend a hybrid which strikes a balance between the two. It is also important to look at reviews of a strain from users who suffer from depression. Have a look out for strains which have a high concentration of terpene limonene, which is renowned for its mood elevation.

Here are the strains that should be considered.


This is probably the most popular strain for treating depression, which is reflected in the number of awards that the strain has won.  AK47 Regular Seeds can provide the user with a high that is able to provide relief for anxiety and help them relax. It is also effective at counteracting headaches, stress and even deal with insomnia. The flavors and aroma of AK-47 are quite distinctive as it is a sour, skunky like smell, which may not be to everyone’s taste.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is another strain that comes highly recommended. It is effective for relaxing the mind, and to create a feeling of euphoria and happiness, which is ideal for sufferers of depression. Be careful though, as it is quite psychoactive. Amnesia Haze is also effective when it comes to migraines and fatigue, as well as hyperactivity. This truly is a multi-functional strain. It has a citrusy flavour which is rather pleasing.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream can release the tension that you feel, which has a positive effect on the stress and anxiety experienced. Many users comment on the calming influence it has, and makes them more active and productive. Feelings of euphoria are also quite common. Like the other strains mentioned above, it’s great for migraines as well. It has a unique berry flavour which has received widespread praise.

If you would like advice for choosing the best strain for your depression, we’d recommend that you speak with your nearest dispensary. Check out the marijuana dispensaries near me tool for help in finding your nearest dispensary.