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4 Common Hair Problems Women Face

Hair issues are common for women. From split ends to graying to tangles and more, women go through quite a bit in regards to their hair, on a daily basis.  Of course, those with shorter hair will tend to have fewer of these problems—and men do have their fair share—but when it comes to hair issue, women deal quite a bit.  Some of these problems are the result of styling and environment while others are related to genetics.


Both men and women experience greffe cheveux Capilia graying of the hair.  Of course, just like everyone hits puberty at different times, so will everyone find their first gray hair at different ages. And some might never see another gray hair for many years while Image result for 4 Common Hair Problems Women Faceothers might quickly go white.  And still yet, some might only get a patch of gray and nothing else.  

Genetics is the primary culprit behind gray hair.  Exposure to pollutants and toxins, though, can influence the rate at which your hair goes gray.  Studies also suggest that hydrogen peroxide—a common astringent and ingredient in some personal care products—can collect in the follicles and, over time, this will disrupt the melanin production in the hair fibers.  And if the more you are exposed to pollutants or toxins, the more likely graying will occur.


Also called “bounce” and “lift” hair with volume looks more healthy and vibrant. That is not to say, though, that hair lacking in bounce is not healthy, necessarily, but a lack of volume in your hair might be a sign of a health concern. For example, hair with very little volume could be the result of poor nutrition but it might also be sign of thyroid problems, hormonal imbalance, anemia, or something else.  Most of the time, you can remedy the cause by improving your hair care regiment and, of course, by improving your diet.


Obviously, dryness is the result of a lack of moisture.  Brittle hair is what you have after hair is dry for too long.  Either way, you are going to want to moisturize your hair (which is much more than just adding water, you need natural oils, too).  The environment can contribute to dry hair, but you can easily counter that with quality hair care products.


Split ends, on the other hand, tend to occur when you introduce too much stress, particularly from using too many chemical products.  This dries out your hair which, in the end, results in ends that fray (or split).