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5 Vital Tips to Prepare for the Dermal Filler Treatments

Elderly age is an inevitable stage in human life. However, this stage usually has adverse effects, especially on the skin. For example, facial fat reduces volume, which triggers skin sagging and laxity. Consequently, you will be subject to wrinkles which usually undermine your healthy looks and how you express your emotions. If you are struggling with these wrinkles, you do not have to worry anymore since Magnolia Dermatology has different treatment options, such as fillers which can help you reclaim a youthful appearance. Let us understand the following 5 tips to prepare for the dermal filler treatment.

Research About the Treatment

It is good to get appropriate information about the fillers in a world where misinformation is almost everywhere. You can inquire from specialized dermatologists to know what the procedure entails. With the right information, you will get relief and reduce any anxiety before the treatments, especially if it is your first time undergoing this treatment.

Ensure That You Are Fit for the Treatment

Although the fillers are less invasive treatments, they may not be suitable for a certain class of candidates. For example, pregnant and breastfeeding moms are not fit for the fillers since their hormones are subject to fluctuation, which can increase the chances of swelling. In addition, if you are prone to bruising, it may not be the right time to pursue the filler treatments, especially if you are sustaining an injury. Consult your provider if you are unsure whether you are a good candidate for the fillers.

Work on Your Expectations

Before the treatment, you should know the span of the filler results to avoid frustrations. It would be best if you understood that although the filler results may last longer than other injectables, they are usually temporary. Usually, the results last between six to twelve months, depending on the skin type and lifestyle. Therefore, fuller and more youthful looks require maintenance after a certain period.

Plan Ahead

Although the fillers are non-surgical procedures, the treatment does not end during the appointment. Notably, after receiving the injections, the injected site is subject to redness and slight swelling. Therefore, it would help if you planned before the treatment for your daily schedule, even if the inflammation effects only last for a few days.

Avoid Certain Medication

Some medicine, such as aspirin, can increase the chances of bruising after the injections. Therefore, you should skip their intake a week before the treatments to reduce the chances of blood thinning which can interfere with the effectiveness of the fillers. You should also limit the intake of the vitamin E supplements such as ginger before the treatments.

Dermal fillers are one of the effective treatments to alleviate wrinkles by filling the volume loss in your skin. If you have been searching for these treatments, you do not have to look further since Magnolia Dermatology has your back. Samantha Robare, MD, provides an array of filler options to patients wishing to turn back the clock by eliminating the aging signs such as wrinkles. Make an online booking or call their office in Cypress today to get started with quality services.