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5 Ways to Look After Your Mental Well-Being During a Pandemic

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic affects us both physically and mentally. With the virus still roaming around and persisting lockdowns and quarantine protocols, we feel overwhelmed at home as stress continues to pile up.

In these trying times, practicing self-care is crucial to stay sane and ready for the new normal. We may apply these five tips to keep ourselves mentally fit amid this health crisis.

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Don’t consume too much news

It is critical to stay updated on the latest happenings around you. But, consuming too much info from media can make you more stressed, anxious, and worried.

Thus, it is best to moderate our news consumption nowadays. Be informed but don’t let the reports dictate your mood and phasing.

Have a financial plan

The pandemic made an impact on the economy, and many people felt this. Losing your job or being forced to spend your saving is stressful. Hence, it would help if you plan your finances. Keep an eye on your expenses, and don’t forget to save as you still don’t know when the virus will last.

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Isolating yourself to others won’t cure your loneliness. Amid the pandemic, technology paved the way to communicate with our family and friends from far away. Social media is free to use, so go, chat or call people.

Don’t forget to stay connected and spend some time talking with the people we love, as doing so is relevant nowadays.

Stay focus

You can’t control all the things you see and hear from the news. As uncertainties lure us to a dire situation, we should not let go of what we already had. Spend your time with the hobbies you enjoy, talk with your family, and do other stuff. Focus on the things you can control.

Go physical

Use your time to exercise and be physically active. Exercising helps reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Workout videos are available on the internet for you to try.

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