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6 Tips That You Should Embrace to Keep Your Joints Healthy

Many individuals take joints for granted until they develop an issue with those organs. Essentially your joints link two bones in your skeletal system, thus making your body flexible. For example, your knee joints are among the most movable joints, making it easier for you to conduct your sporting activities such as running. However, these activities can expose your joint to sudden twists, which triggers joint pain Hoboken. Therefore, you should embrace the following tips to keep your joints healthy.

Maintain Your Weight in the Healthy Ranges

Individuals who are overweight are at a greater risk of developing joint complications. The excessive weights on the upper body parts usually cause more stress on the weight-bearing joints, exposing them to injuries. Therefore, you should always be mindful of what you eat to avoid weight gain. Substitute unhealthy meals such as processed foods with fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy weight.

Get Moving

Some individuals have concerns that physical activities will increase the severity of joint conditions. However, the truth is that regular exercise is vital in maintaining the wellness of your joints. Physical activities help to boost blood circulation, increasing the nutrient supply in the cartilage, which in turn protects your bones.

Stay Hydrated

Water is one of the main contents in your joint cartilage. Usually, the synovial fluids in the joints help lubricate them, thus safeguarding them from the wear and tear that could cause injuries. Therefore, you should always aim for two to three liters of water daily to achieve ideal hydration for your body.


It is tempting for individuals to engage in sporting activities without warm-ups. Failure to conduct simple stretches before the exercises usually increases the likelihood of injuries due to sudden strain during actual activities. It would help if you started your exercise slowly to prepare your muscles and joints for the upcoming activities. Ending your sporting activities slowly is also recommended to allow your joints to cool down.

Stop Smoking

Smoking usually comes along with many detrimental consequences on your joint health. For instance, cigarette chemicals increase cartilage loss, worsening arthritis symptoms. Therefore, if you are a smoker, this is the best time to kick this harmful habit. Seek help from the support group if you encounter difficulties stopping this habit alone.

Wear the Protective Gears

High-contact sports can expose your joints to injuries. Therefore, you should wear the appropriate protective equipment whenever you are out there playing. For example, you should wear braces for your knee when playing tennis. Consult your coach to get the protective gears that suit you.

Your joints play a crucial role in your mobility. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt the above tips to ensure that your joints are in good health. However, despite all your efforts, if you develop joint complications, you should not worry since Downtown Pain Management has your back. With his vast experience in physical medicine, Ron Ben-Meir, DO, offers cut-edging treatment options to patients suffering from chronic joint pain. Book an online schedule and visit the facility to reclaim the quality of your life.