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7 Ways To Practice Self-Care During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a truly special time, but it can also be tough. If you’ve been battling with a sore back and a heavy bump, it’s crucial that you take time out to practice self-care in order to feel happy and healthy. This goes for any pregnant woman. Self-care is vital in all stages of your life, but it’s more important than ever when you have the awesome responsibility of growing a new life. Use these self-care tools to treat yourself.

  1. Have the right support. The medical and social support you have during your pregnancy makes a huge impact on how well you feel, both mentally and physically. Find a good obstetrician melbourne to cover your physical health and keep your baby’s growth on track, and make sure it’s someone you can completely trust. If you used a particular gynaecologist in the past that you weren’t happy with, don’t be afraid to speak up about your concerns or switch to someone new. This is your body and your baby, after all.
  2. Take nap breaks. Pregnancy can be seriously tiring. If you’re able to, take the time to nap in the afternoon so you can be refreshed and recharged for the rest of the day. Ask for help from your partner if there are too many chores to do and you just need to rest – they should be pulling their weight, too.
  3. Pamper yourself. It’s easy to neglect the things we would normally do for our appearance when we’re pregnant. While having painted fingernails and a fresh haircut may not be essentials, they can certainly be valuable self-care moments that help you to feel relaxed. Book yourself a pampering appointment each month that’s purely for your pleasure.
  4. Take a holiday. Many couples have recently caught on to the fabulous idea of the ‘babymoon.’ This is a mini-break or holiday taken before your due date (not too close, of course), so you can get away and enjoy some quiet time in each other’s company before the late nights and dirty nappies hit the scene. Seek out a holiday that suits your budget and spoil yourself to a getaway before your new life of parenthood begins.
  5. Get a pregnancy massage. Carrying around a big bump can put some major strain on your entire body. Nothing feels better than a proper massage when you’re in the third trimester, or any trimester for that matter. Find a massage therapist who offers pregnancy-specific treatment options and spend at least an hour getting all those aches and pains rubbed out.
  6. Visit a yoga studio. Yoga is one of the best possible activities for pregnancy. It stretches your muscles, strengthens your body, and helps you prepare for labour. It’s also extremely relaxing, particularly if you attend a restorative class focused on pregnancy. Find a class in your area and make a commitment to show up every week.
  7. Be kind to yourself. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and under pressure during your pregnancy, make sure that your thoughts aren’t feeding into the negativity. Stress is bad for you and bad for your baby, so try to focus your mind on positive, relaxing thoughts. Meditation can be very helpful for self-soothing, so invest in an app or CD to wind down with before bed.