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Augment your memory with Draganon

Aniracetam is recognized as a potent nootropic drug which was developed by the company, “Hoffman-La Roche” during the 1970s. This compound is dually classed as an Ampakine and a Racetam that motivates glutamate as well as acetylcholine neural receptors. Its clinical uses include treating neuropsychological deficiencies in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, depressive personality, progressive cognitive shortage and weakening of brain functions associated with stroke and cerebrovascular disease. This cognitive enhancer acts as a concentration aid as well as a mood booster for endorsing mental energy, high motivation levels and feelings of relaxation.

Also known as Draganon, this smart drug is highly effective in helping in social behavior, learning, focus, and augmented memory capacity. This nootropic drug has been tested on elderly patients who are suffering from age-related problems, animals and even on healthy people with positive results. The mechanism of action of this nootropic is quite different from other nootropics and it generally affects the users’ CNS and stimulates that portion of the brain liable for memory and learning. Today, you can avail this drug with the help of a prescription in Europe plus it is also sold in the form of a dietary supplement in nations like the US.

Correct dosages

You will commonly find this medication in 750mg tablets but the majority of the users find it beneficial to take it nearly two times daily. As this medication has got a brief half-life so the range of dosages is between 750mg and 3000mg that could be divided into three dosages daily. You are highly required to take this medication on your full stomach or after having food supplied with fatty acids. The fatty acids are vital for this medication to get absorbed from the users’ gut so that it reaches their brain.

There are some people who suggest cycling this compound for preventing the receptors from causing a tolerance to the impacts of this drug. However, it is commonly used with one choline source, such as Phosphatidylcholine or Alpha GPC. To many people, this combination develops the efficiency of this nootropic drug and also lessens the chances of headaches. Still, there are some users who undergo side effects when they take this medication with CDP Choline, Alpha GPC, Centrophenoxine, and DMAE besides other supplements as these compounds too have their individual side effects. So before you combine this drug with other compounds, do consider the benefits as well as the side effects well.

Buying this compound

Draganon granule sachets or tablets are hard to find on the internet. In lieu of this, you must search for the standard Aniracetamas Aniracetam is the chief chemical component of this nootropic drug. You will find Aniracetam either in a powdered form or in the tablet form but the powdered form comes cheaper. This medication is lawful in the US and in many nations around the globe even when you don’t have a prescription. Today, you can buy Aniracetamin in the capsule form or powder form and this is quite an inexpensive medication when compared to other nootropic drugs, like Noopept, Phenylpiracetam, and Pramiracetam.