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Benefits of Contact Lenses Over Conventional Glasses

If you have vision problems, you should consider switching glasses for contact lenses. Contacts can improve vision and slow the progression of myopia and corneal abnormalities. You may consider getting contact and specialty lens Beverly Hills, CA to help address sight problems and keep your vision alive.

Contact and specialty lens

Contact lenses are thin plastic or glass prosthetics that sit over the curvature of your eye. They are primarily used to correct vision. Some people may switch glasses with contacts for cosmetic, aesthetic, or functional reasons.

Contacts work by correcting the refractive error in your eyes to improve vision. Your optician can prescribe contacts for myopia, far-sightedness, and astigmatism.

Specialty contacts are a type of contact lens that can address corneal conditions. Some people have eyes with irregular corneal contours, making regular contacts unsuitable for them. Contact lenses may be customized to address issues like dry eye, which makes conventional contact lenses uncomfortable to wear.

Benefits of contact lenses

Switching from conventional glasses to contact lenses has several benefits. The advantages include:

Convenient for your lifestyle

Contact lenses are more convenient than conventional glasses for daily tasks. You can perform daily chores without worrying about the contacts falling. It is also suitable for people who regularly engage in sporting activities.

The weather won’t affect your contacts when you are engaged in sports. Unlike conventional glasses, they will not accumulate fog or affect your vision from splashing water. Whether you are in the gym or running outdoors, the contacts will remain in place.

Enhance peripheral vision

Contacts provide a wider field of vision. Conventional glasses do not cover the entire view and have limited peripheral scopes. They are also prone to obstructions.

Contacts are less susceptible to glare and image distortion. They are ideal for activities where peripheral vision is essential for baseball and football.

More natural look

Conventional glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But if you don’t want to worry about picking matching outfits, contacts are the best options. You can wear contact lenses with formal or casual wear.

Contacts can also be customized to your preferred eye color. You can choose red, pink, hazel, or brown eye color to match your outfit. They are the best option for attaining the desired aesthetics of your costume.

Precise fit for optimum comfort

Contacts have a curvature that corresponds to the contour of your cornea. Contact lenses will not only enhance vision, but also offer 360-degree protection from UV radiation. Traditional glasses leave room for harmful radiation to hurt your eyes.

Therefore, contacts provide a more precise fit for optimum comfort. Your eye specialist may recommend specialty glasses if regular contacts do not match your cornea’s contour.

If you have dry eye condition, your provider will prescribe permeable contact lenses. Permeable contacts allow oxygen to pass through to the cornea.

Contacts can maintain the shape of the cornea to reduce corneal abnormalities. They can help reduce the progression of myopia, particularly in children.

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