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How to best choose a Dentist

Dentists – lots of people love to hate them and see them as some form of arch enemy as they have the needles and tools that can cause slight pain, even though they are actually helping us.  There are many of them dotted around the country, and there will be many different dentist practices around your local area, so just how do you make sure you are choosing a reputable one for you? Read on to find out how…..

Find a list

Compile a list of local dentist practices within your area that you would be willing to commute to for your appointments.


Research all of the practices that you have listed, both online and via word of mouth.  Online reviews will show you whether the practice is rated good or bad, and will give you details of why for each side.  Word of mouth reviews are possibly better providing you get them from a trusted source like friends or family, and they will be able to tell you about their own personal experiences, from which you can draw your own conclusions.  From the information you get at this stage, you can draw up a shortlist from your long list to be able to hone in on.

Call / Visit the Practices

So now you have a shortlist of dental practices to go at.  Either visit them in person or give them a call.  Doing this allows you to ask questions about the practice such as what the costs are, how long waiting times are or what waiting lists there are, and how easy it is to book appointments etc.  All of this stuff should be crucial to you when it comes to making your decision as you want somewhere that ideally is accessible easily, has good to great reviews,

If you live anywhere in the country other than Burton, then follow the basic steps listed above and you will find the correct dental practice for you, however if you do live in Burton then we would recommend taking a look at Dental Perfection, found at, where you will find a whole host of details about the services they provide, and the reasons that they are head and shoulders above other dental practices in the area.  You may note that Dental Perfection are the Official Dentists for Burton Albion Football Club, Derby County Football Club, and Derbyshire County Cricket Club, and this is further proof of their reputation within not only Burton but also within the dental industry.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact the team at Dental Perfection who will be happy to assist with your request, queries, and questions, and make them your very own dental practice today if you live within a commutable distance.