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The perfect outfit can be ruined by a variety of fashion disasters. Think staining your new leather purse, spilling coffee on your silk white blouse, and even chipping your nails! There is a lot that can happen to your wardrobe. It happens to the best of us. Even if you’re extra careful about maintaining your clothes, you never know what life can throw at you. And, usually when something comes your way, you’re unprepared for it. Luckily, there are a number of tips and tricks you can arm yourself with for any fashion emergency situation. With these solutions, you’ll no longer have to worry about entering Starbucks with a white shirt.

The Coffee Conundrum

So, you love coffee. Who doesn’t? What you don’t love are those nasty stains that splatter on to your expensive white shirt. You can either never wear white (insane choice if you ask me) or just come prepared whenever your cappuccino gets all over you. If the coffee stain is new and fresh, immediately run to the nearest bathroom and run cold water on the stain for around 15 minutes. If the stain is a bit older try a handy stain remover (always keep one in your purse!). The liquid solution should be strong enough to remove even the toughest stains.

Worrying about Wine

If coffee isn’t your thing and much prefer a glass of wine at the end of the day then you’re probably all too familiar with the dreaded red wine stain. You’ve even got 1 or 2 shirts around with remnants of those unfortunate wine spillages. Fortunately, there are items around the house you can use to do a quick fix. Wet the stain with some carbonated water then blot it with a towel. Do not rub! Just blot it. After that, you need to wash the item then repeat the steps with the carbonated water until the stain is no more. Just don’t dry the shirt until the stain is gone.

A Broken Nail

For color crazy girls who love to paint their nails, a broken nail isn’t something new. You’ve probably experienced it countless times with all the coats of paint you slather onto your nails. There is a way to still stay color happy and yet ensure your nails don’t crack through nail polish growth. One solution girls use is a special nail lacquer they apply before the actual color. This coating helps prevent nail cracking and helps promote nail polish growth. So whether you want to go fire engine red one day to royal blue the next, with these special nail lacquers you don’t need to worry about spoiling your fingernails too much.

Leather Lovers

All of us have a favorite handbag. No surprises if it’s in leather! Unfortunately, even the most careful of us can get it stained. But, just get some vinegar and cold water, spray it on the stains and rub it very gently. In a matter of moments, you’ll actually watch the unsightly blot disappear!